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This fake BDO email tricks you to request a new ATM card

Don’t be deceived by an email supposedly sent by Banco de Oro (BDO) telling you to “request a new card”! About this post: afpslai red book, dispepsia gasthritis, pagpapatitulo ng rights ma lupa, why is my body so tired in the afternoon, bdo phishing 2017

Liberty Reserve phishing email scam

It’s been a long time since we wrote about examples of phishing emails we have been receiving. We are sharing another one we received yesterday. Be warned! Don’t visit the fake site so you won’t be a victim. The Liberty Reserve Phishing Email From:

Phishing scam email: Your question from an eBay member

Just a few days after I wrote about eBay scams and scammers, I received an email purportedly from eBay which obviously was a fake email intended on getting my personal information. How did I know it was fake?

Fake ‘Download Internet Explorer’ email by Microsoft

Last week I received an email supposedly from instructing me to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0, the latest update to Microsoft’s browser. If I didn’t know better, I would have automatically clicked on the download link. Instantly, then, I would have made myself a

Security Warning email from Google

Yesterday I received a “Security Warning” email supposedly from Google and I must say that if I didn’t know better, I would have been the next victim of this phishing scam. Here’s a copy of the email.

More phishing emails from fake PayPal and eBay

Here are some more examples of phishing emails, this time supposedly sent by PayPal and eBay. It is our hope that our series on Phishing Emails will help you easily identify a fake email from the real one. So next time you see a phishing

Phishing scam email from fake UNICEF

We hope that our series on Phishing Emails have helped you identify fake emails and prevented you from becoming one of their victims. You probably know by now that phishing emails, also known as fake or spoof emails, are used to direct recipients to a