Internet Security

Security Warning email from Google

Yesterday I received a “Security Warning” email supposedly from Google and I must say that if I didn’t know better, I would have been the next victim of this phishing scam. Here’s a copy of the email.

Bonjour! C’est un PayPal phishing l’email

Pardon my French (literally), but a few minutes ago I received an interesting email supposedly from PayPal France. The polyglot that I am (not!), I had to get help from a Language Translation site in order to decipher the message and, as expected, it is just one of those many PayPal phishing emails

Yahoo! Messenger (YM) cellphone load scammer

Beware of scammers who use Yahoo! Messenger (YM) to lure victims to invest in a fake prepaid load business. If the potential victim decides not to join the “venture,” the scammer then attempts to hack that person’s Yahoo account. Here’s how the modus operandi works.

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