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BPI Express Online: Detailed transaction history

Earlier this month, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) announced that users of its online banking facility will soon be able to see additional details of their transactions in their account history.

Today I logged in to my Express Online account and saw that BPI has already started implementing this. I’ve long waited for this one and even sent them last year a suggestion regarding this, so I’m glad they have finally adopted this.

BPI Express Online (EOL) now shows details of one’s transactions, such as account name and account number of recipients/senders of online fund transfers, branch where a deposit to your account was made, and BPI branch where an ATM withdrawal was made, among others.

These details are very handy for BPI account holders to double-check transactions in their account. I for instance do a lot of online fund transfers and I don’t always remember to whom and when I made a transaction.

Previously EOL’s transaction history barely provide any help, because only the date and transaction amount were shown. Now that account names and account numbers of funds transfer recipients are provided, I don’t have to guess anymore whether funds were sent to Mr. Benedict or to Ms. Lucia.

On its site, BPI also announced that details of one’s BPI auto and housing loan — including principal balance, remaining payment terms, last payment date, etc. — will soon be in EOL.

All I can say is kudos to BPI for these improvements in their online banking facility!

There still are some things, though, that I look forward to in BPI Express Online:

  • Ability to make fund transfers to another BPI account without having to pre-register that account in a BPI branch;
  • Easily send funds to accounts in other banks;
  • On-time delivery of email notice of activation/expiry of time deposits (Can you believe these email notices always arrive late, almost a month after the transaction was made?)

I’ve already sent them these suggestions before and I hope they will soon implement these new functions in their online banking website.

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25 thoughts on “BPI Express Online: Detailed transaction history”

  1. Dennis says:

    I think Fe & Gina are not aware that this site is not affiliated to BPI or other banks. Please send your inquiries to your bank.

  2. Victor Buchan says:

    I am an OFW, I left my BPINOY card with my wife, because at times I send my remittance through this account. My wife made a withdrawal last Oct. 06, 2009, the time of transaction is 2;21 PM at SM Mega Mall ATM with the locator number 9000803. No cash was dispensed but the amount was deducted from the balance. My balance then was 91,555.42 and after the withdrawal it became 71,575.42. Before she made the withdrawal, the machine was closed and being attended to by BPI staffers and when they opened it my wife was the one next in line, and it was offered to her for usage. When no cash was dispensed, my wife is with her sister and they immediately called the attention of the guy manning the bpi booth and my sister talked to the bpi lady to check the machine, and the lady saw that it really did not dispensed cash and since the people in line saw the problem they refused to use the said terminal and later they put an offline sign on the machine. My wife asked the guy manning the bpi booth to log their complain but the guy refused to for reasons that my wife was not the owner of card but instead was given the number where we can place our complain, the contact number given was 632-8910-000. At that very same time, my wife called me up and relayed the problem, and I immediately called and complain and they gave me complain number 1-62784 0643.

    Since I am outside the country The customer service representative mentioned that since the case is that the ATM did not dispense my wife can just directly follow-up this complain. Then my wife called on 2-3 days after, again and was given another complain number 1-62901-3709 and was asked to call again after 2-3 days. After 3days she followed it up again and they said that cash was dispensed and she was given again complain number 1-6317 52217 to review the transaction, but again they said that the cash was dispensed. 20,000 is not a small amount, I have been working hard outside the country to earn for a living and we will not waste our time to persistently complain. We will not let this pass. I know that cash overage can be checked against the withdrawals made and the transaction entered in the machine. and the cash loaded in the terminal. If this will not be given attention, we will be opted to just close our savings account, current account and euro account with BPI.

  3. edwin says:

    all bpi savings account can be enrolled to bpiexpressonline,right?what is/are the difference/s between bpi direct savings,bpi and bpi family savings account?

  4. Earl Jerico Matito says:

    How do I see my latest transactions in the BPI EOL? Thanks!

  5. Regina Tolentino says:

    Be careful! BPI ATM is not safe.

    I went abroad (NZ) for a vacation. But because of my house monthly amortization under PagIBIG which can not be paid through online banking, I had to head back home to the Philippines sooner.

    With the thought that withdrawing money from the ATM machine which is located in the same building where the PagIBIG office would be the safest way to avoid pick pocketer and hold-dupers, I withdrew the money from the BPI Atrium branch.

    However, I was so surprised when after inputting 18,000 pesos the machine dispensed only 17,500.00. I counted it twice to be sure, but it was still lacking by 500 pesos. So I went right away to the customer service personnel. The staff had me file a complaint form,the processing took about 30 minutes, then I was told that the lacking amount will be debited back to my account in few days. To be sure, I also made a complaint through BPI phone hot line 89-100 and was given another reference number, same, I was requested to wait for 4 working days. Came Friday (today), four days after the ATM error happened, I phoned the hot line for follow-up just to be informed that BPI did not debited back the 500 because the machine tallied that it dispensed the right amount. How can they guarantee that the malfunctioning ATM have the correct record?

    I am so disappointed and angry that this has happened to me and it feels like I have been pick-pocketed in an electronic way.

    I told the customer service personnel that I am making a blog about this to warn the public.

    Where in the hell can I now safely keep money that even the bank is capable of corrupting from my personal account???

    I am now processing on closing my bank account with BPI though it is the least I want to do because it is convenient for me to pay my bills (electricity, phone, Internet and credit card) on line. But I got no choice, I can not trust BPI ATM anymore and I do not want having a pass book account with all the hassle of queue.

  6. hugebelle says:

    I would like to add up if where can I see the expiry date of the BPI debit card? Other atm card provide expiry date like BDO but I can’t locate the expiry date of BPI express teller. Pls advise.

    I’d like to ask…linking (bank account DEBIT CARD) BPI express teller to paypal, What option (between visa, mastercard and american express) will I opt to? I’m having problem linking my bank account with my paypal. Anyone please advise. Thanks

  7. Denice says:

    hi,do someone knows how to use fund transfer to BPI account?I ready enrolled the bpi express online.I’m new in this system ..because I’m trying it but the system always appearing “YOU HAVE NO OTHE ACCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR FUND TRANSFER”..I shopped online and I want to pay the item using this..can someone help??thank you in advanced

  8. Atashacarlos says:

    bakit  di q  makuha remining balance q s atm???san  nkhold ang pera q…

  9. John says:


  10. John says:


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