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(October 2012) Philippines Bar Exam Results, List of Passers

(October 2012) Philippine Bar Exam results

The complete list of passers of the October 2012 Bar Exam will be posted here once results are released by the Supreme Court. Leave your email address below so you will be updated.

(November 2011) Philippine Bar Exam results

According to the Supreme Court, 1,913 takers out of 5990 examinees passed the November 2011 Bar exams. This translates to a passing rate of 31.9%, relatively higher compared to previous years’ passing rates (see below).

(March 2011) Philippine Bar Exam results of September 2010

MARCH 17, 2011 – The results are out. Click here to view SEPTEMBER 2010 COMPLETE LIST OF PASSERS.

Out of 4,847 examinees, a total of 982 passed the September 2010 Philippine Bar Exams — a passing rate of 20.26%, lower than last year’s 24.5%.

September 2010 Top 10 Bar Examinees

  • 1. Caesario Antonio S. Singzon (Ateneo de Manila University) – 89.00%
  • 2. Filemon Ray L. Javier (Ateneo de Manila University) – 86.85%
  • 3. Paolo Carlo C. Tolentino (Arellano University) – 86.80%
  • 4. Janette R. Ancog (Ateneo de Davao University) – 85.90%
  • 5. Johanna Sunga (ADMU) – 85.85%
  • 6. Krizelle Marie F. Poblacion (University of the Philippines) – 85.65%
  • 7. Maria Christina C. Ortua (UP) – 85.05%
  • Krystal Lyn T. Uy (UP) – 85.50%
  • 8. Johanna Eileen M. Capones (UP) – 84.80%
  • 9. Wiliam Benson S. Gan (ADMU) – 84.75%
  • 10. Glenn C. Carampatana (University of San Carlos) – 84.55%
  • Darren L. Salipsip (Arellano University) – 84.55%

(March 2010) Philippine Bar Exam results of September 2009

One out of 4 bar examinees passed the 2009 Philippine Bar Exam, with 1,451 passers out of a total of 5,903 examinees. The passing rate is 24.58%, higher than last year’s 20.58%.

September 2009 Top 10 Bar Examinees

  • 1. Yebra, Reinier Paul R. (San Beda College) – 84.80%
  • 2. Tapic, Charlene Mae C. (San Beda College) – 84.60%
  • 3. Lim, John Paul T. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 84.50%
  • 4. Lagos, Caroline P. (University of the Philippines) – 84.40%
  • 5. Tan, Eric David C. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 84.05%
  • 6. Gonzalez, Yves-Randolph P. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.90%
  • 7. To, Joan Mae S. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.65%
  • 8. Bagro III, Herminio C. (University of the Philippines) – 83.40%
  • 9. Lumauig, Timothy Joseph N. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.20%
  • 10. (Tie) Bainto, Naealla Rose M. (ADMU) & Go, Sheila Abigail O. (ADMU) – 83.10%


(March 2009) Philippine Bar Exam results of September 2008

April 3, 2009 – A total of 1,310 out of a record 6,364 examinees passed the 2008 Bar Examination. This year’s passing rate is 20.58%, lower than last year’s 22.91%.

List of Top 10 Bar Exam Passers – 2008

1 – Judy Lardizabal, San Sebastian College, 85.70%
2 – Mylene Amerol-Macumbal, Mindanao State University, 85.65%
3 – Oliver Baclay Jr. , Ateneo de Manila University, 85.60%
4 – Majesty Eve Jala, Ateneo, 85.50%
5 – Ma. Elizabeth Liceralde, University of the Philippines Diliman, 85.40%
6 – Michael Macapagal, UP Diliman, 84.15%
7 – Denise Dy, Ateneo, 84.00%
April Love Regis, Ateneo, 84.00%
8 – Christine Joy Tan, Ateneo, 83.30%
9 – Shirley Velasquez, UP Diliman, 83.75%
Jihan Jacob, San Beda, 83.75%
10 – Vanessa Raymundo, San Beda, 83.70%
– Vivian S. Tan, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 80.90


(March 2008) Philippine Bar Exam results of September 2007

March 29, 2008A total of 1,289 of the 5,626 examinees or 22.91% passed the 2007 board exams. The first and third placer were from Ateneo de Manila University, while the second placer was from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

List of Top 10 Bar Exam Passers – 2007

1 – Mercedita L. Ona, Ateneo De Manila University, 83.55
2 – Jennifer Ong, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 83.35
3 – Yvanna BL Maalat, Ateneo, 82.75
4 – Jennie C. Aclan, University of San Carlos, 82.10
5 – John Michael F. Galauran, University of Nueva Caceres, 81.60
6 – Karen S. Canullas, San Sebastian College, 81.40
7 – Cecille L. Mejia, Ateneo De Manila University, 81.35
Sheryl Ann D. Tizon, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 81.35
8 – Marforth T. Fua, San Beda College, 81.20
9 – Ruby M. Luy, Ateneo De Davao University, 81.15
10 – Christian B. Llido, University of Cebu, 80.90
– Vivian S. Tan, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 80.9



Philippine Bar Exam Passing Rates:

* 2010 – 20.26% (982 passers of 4,847 examinees)
* 2009 – 24.58% (1,451 of 5,903)
* 2008 – 20.58% (1,310 of 6,364)
* 2007 – 22.91% (1,289 of 5,626)
* 2006 – 30.60% (1,893 of 6,187)
* 2005 – 27.22% (1,526 of 5,607)
* 2004 – 31.61% (1,659 of 5,249)
* 2003 – 20.71% (1,108 of 5,349)
* 2002 – 19.68% (917 of 4,659)
* 2001 – 32.89% (1,266 of 3,849)
* 2000 – 20.84% (979 of 6,187)

Bar Exam Questions Reviewer:

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302 thoughts on “(October 2012) Philippines Bar Exam Results, List of Passers”

  1. lady says:

    i have a lot of friends who took the BAR exam last year.I’m sure they are very very excited to know if they are now lawyers or not.. I am so excited too..

  2. elvis valiente says:

    keeping my fingers crossed… this is the day….. that the Lord has made! goodluck to my friends also.

  3. James | says:

    Update: Results of the September 2007 Bar Exam will be posted after lunch on Saturday, March 29, according to the Supreme Court.

    Good luck to all examinees!

  4. atty. banzon says:

    congratulations in advance…you will all have sleepless night tonight believe me!

  5. nuwanda says:

    at last! i have more confidence in committing any crime now! i’ll have an atty. bro pretty soon ;)no reason to think twice now bwahahahahaha

    1. James | says:

      I sure hope that’s a joke, nuwanda! ;)

  6. Jehzeel Laurente says:

    hehehehe.. :) *evil grin*

  7. bacz says:

    goodluck mga BICOLANOS!!!

  8. Atty. No Case says:

    To 70 to 80% of the bar takers ’07, don’t forget to log on to this site again on year ’09!!!! he he…

  9. rachell says:

    in God we trust! the victory is at hand now!! God bless future atty’s of the earth.. Stephanie and Princess!

  10. arkitek villar says:


  11. arkitek villar says:

    congrats atty!

  12. Lotta Debuque says:

    I’m praying for a good friend to pass the bar. Good Luck to Ms. Johana Pascua, God bless!

  13. olib says:

    God bless to all the barristers… yakang yaka yan!

  14. chaper says:

    I think it wud be a greatest gift today for my friend f he’ll pass the bar today..hoping that the gud Lord will grant him finally 2day…!!coz he’s on his way!!!gud luck!!

  15. chaper says:

    also to my friend AAmaro Gud luck bro!!!!Atty..!!!

  16. chaper says:

    also to my friend AAmaro..gud luck bro!!!!!Atty!!!!!

  17. KMF says:

    gud luck to my dear friend… (atty.) lea atienza of mandaluyong… lets celebrate in advance to minimize d pressure…:-)

  18. Atty. Dan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to all Bar Passers and for those who won’t make, let this be an inspiration to take it again this September. The LAW is the most exciting and challenging profession in the whole wide world. To all our brethrens especially to Brother Julius Basco GOOD LUCK BRO from Pangasinan Lodge 56.

  19. ydellvice says:

    I wish you will make it………………………..
    future brother-in-law???

  20. Norma says:

    I wish and i pray that my son-in-law will pass the BAR EXAM! God bless and Good Luck!

  21. Aye says:

    Good luck and God Bless kuya!

  22. Mark & Aprilyn Lee says:

    We wish Ompong Chiu the best of luck on passing the 2007 bar exam. We send our prayers and best wishes to his success on becoming a lawyer.

    Good Luck Titay Ompong!

    Mark, Aprilyn and Caryll

  23. Nahkienpa says:

    What do you mean lunch? My lunch or your lunch?
    What time is lunch? When is the result shown coz I am peeing in my pants!

  24. Nahkienpa says:

    What do you mean lunch? What time is lunch?
    When is the bar result shown coz i am peeing in my pants!

  25. KMF says:

    ako, kanina pa nkamonitor sa result sa internet..after lunch daw.. anong petsa na..:-) bka nmn merienda time pa…:-)gud luck to all passers

  26. James | says:

    According to the Supreme Court website, the results of the exam will be announced very, very shortly.

    Good luck to all examinees!

    1. UBN says:

      Meron ng results? Please kindly post it here…mahirap kasing makapasok sa Supreme Court website. Maraming Salamat!

      Mabuhay po ang!

    2. James | says:

      Wala pa po. According to the Supreme Court website, “Please stand by for the forthcoming release of the 2007 Bar Examination results.”

      So hintay lang muna tayo. Once it is announced, we’ll also post the results here.

      Good luck sa lahat ng examinees! This is your day! :)

    3. Nayun says:

      Bkit kaw lang ba! lawyer narin ang frend kong is Irma ng Bayombng, Nueva Vizcaya. hello atty!

  27. Slocums says:

    Congratulations! to all who passed the Bar!

  28. butterfly says:

    break a leg every body who took the bar exam.

    atty. na jud ang makapasar.

    hinaut pa unta walay luha nga magbaha karon..


  29. rose says:

    Good Luck Agusanons and butuanons! and to all bar examinees.

  30. rose says:

    Good luck to all Agusanons….who take bar exam.

    Good luck to all bar examinees..

  31. Aye says:

    Good luck kuya marvin!

  32. nuwanda says:

    are we waiting for eternity here..? :) can’t wait so i’ll just have to say ‘good job’ to atty. ew magbanua & atty. brian calizo!! cheers!!!

  33. ros says:

    Mark relax lang maabogado lagi ka…ikaw pa!

  34. butterfly says:

    im tired of waiting the result……

  35. atty says:

    anong oras ba ang very very shortly???? kanina pa yun ha…. hindi na yun shortly….

  36. Gerald says:

    I hope that mas marami makapasa ngayon kaysa last time. I pray that all who are deserving pass the BAR. Keep the faith! Goodluck future lawyers!! See you in court!

  37. Be says:


  38. Be says:

    3pm pa raw ang result…. huh, walang isang salita… paiba iba ang oras…!

  39. James | says:

    Ang tagal nga ng Supreme Court ilabas ang results. Sila na mismo ang nagsabi na “after lunch,” pero almost 3 p.m. na, wala pa rin.

  40. atty. banzon says:

    3pm na wala parin, ano ba ito oi!

  41. orick says:

    lyd, good luck, rlax lng atty ka din…..

  42. koly says:

    God bless to all who took the exam, and for those who succesfully made it, SANA HINDI KAYO MAGING DAGDAG PAHIRAP SA ATING BANSA…

  43. jennylyn quiambao says:

    what time is it/?????

  44. Be says:

    grabe sobrang tagal….

  45. atty. banzon says:

    baka sa gabi pa ito sakto dna masyado mainit sa labas ng SC baka d masira yung LCD projector nila…mahal pa naman nun.

  46. jennylyn quiambao says:

    well anyways
    good luck to my kuya
    Mr. Jerome Asperin…
    lawyer kna in just a few minutes…
    lav u koy….

    keep your fingers crossed!
    God bless you!

  47. Jehzeel Laurente says:

    dahil dito down mga site ko.. putek.. huhuhu..

    1. James | says:

      @Jehz, kita ko nga down yung main blog mo. Sana ma-up mo agad kasi #1 ka pa naman sa search result ng “Philippine Bar Exam results” ;) Idol ka talaga sa SEO hehe… Sayang ang traffic kaya sana makabalik ang site mo!

  48. UBN says:

    Pinoy Time! Pinoy Attitude! Pinoy Culture! —- baguhin po natin ito! Kaya Pala tumatagal ang kaso sa mga Korte!!!! Tsk tsk tsk kawawa naman may kaso…delaying tactics!!!!!!

  49. jennylyn quiambao says:

    ngaun p lng ba nadelay ng gnito ang mga result????

  50. jologs says:

    halata na mismo ang supreme court walang kwenta….delay pa rin, pero kung kay GMA agad na abswelto….3 pm na wala pa rin…..grabe down pa website supremecourt

  51. UBN says:

    Mr.Jun Lozada kung gusto nyo pong baguhin Pilipinas….tingnan nyo po ang sistema kung saan pwede pasukan….The delay of time which is a part of our culture is one of the reflections why our Government and the Justice System is performing poorly! I hope new lawyers will, in effect, think that lawyering is not mere noble profession but having an “atty” preceeding your name is a burden not a privilege to enjoy!….I’m pretty sure the SC has a good alibi on the delay….

    1. iver says:

      tama po kayo

  52. UBN says:

    …the Supreme Court alibi….traffic! (apology for the wrong spelling due to “mind conditioned by the SMS or text messaging”—“preceding” not preceeding)

  53. jan jan the great says:

    I can smell my name on the list…wahahahaha
    gwapo daw ko ngon ko…pro ngon cla dli daw..huhuhuhu
    supremecourt kiss ko lalat behh…..

  54. jan jan the great says:

    atty na mehh

  55. BAROK says:

    yes!!!! congratz me!!!
    22.3% lang pala nakapasa. kita ko na result.

  56. Mark says:

    Are these people trying to give people a heart attack? I mean… just post the list and get it over with… why keep everyone is such suppense?

    Anyways, good luck to all the examinees!

  57. atty no case says:

    filipino time ba yan

  58. kimy says:

    cogratulations to me hahaha!!!kahapon pa me ang bagal bagal ng result ginagapang pa ata grrrr…

  59. jeal says:

    hey…. hNnnNMnmNMnnnn…… as wat as i read in the PAGES of the Phil. bukas pa daw ulit i re release ang results…… march 30,2008….. kung ayaw mo poh maniwala wag kayo sa web mag search… sa “PAGES OF THE PHIL.” kau pumunta at don nyo poh mkikita ang sagot………

  60. atty no case says:

    dalian nyo na. time is gold. papalitan ko na mga supreme court justices lalo na sila judge buble gum…cigrado ako ang topnotcher grabe review ko..

  61. UBN says:

    results are already running in SC lobby’s LCD! please provide here in your Blog!

  62. James | says:

    The initial results are in. A total of 1,289 of the 5,626 examinees or 22.91% passed the 2007 board exams.

    The first and third placer were from Ateneo de Manila University, while the second placer was from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

    (List of passers to follow later.)

  63. Mark says:

    Ok.. the list has been made available… why isn’t it on here?

  64. James | says:

    Complete list of passers now available in the link above.

    Congratulations to all who passed!

  65. Juler says:

    One day, i will be topping the BAR exam… thats the promise…:P

  66. miradel says:

    Congratulations to my close friend, Jennie Cabading Aclan for being the 4th placer of the bar exams. She deserve such a great blessing coming from God. I’m so proud of her..

  67. RICHY says:

    Congratulations to our School, UNIVERSITY OF NUEVA CACERES, NAGA CITY FOR HAVING A 5TH PLACER FOR THE RECENT BAR EXAMINATIONS(SEPT 2007), 5 – John Michael F. Galauran, University of Nueva Caceres, 81.60.

  68. Sheryl says:

    Hello.congrats to Noelle….Atty Acedillo… :)

  69. Investment Opportunities says:

    congratulations passers! Always great to have new blood into crowd!

  70. jedzlinks says:

    Congratulations to the new lawyers! :)

  71. charmz says:

    uhm sabi nila d dw nkapasa ung topnotcher sa UPLAE?
    peo nagtopnotch sya in the name of Ateneo it only shows na nagimprove sya at nagaling din ang law studies sa ADMU…


  72. rolando elan maningas says:

    Congrats to Atty. Cecile Mejia, my batch mate in CSSP, UP Diliman. I salute u girl. Miss yah

  73. Trent says:

    Guys nagkatotoo…GO USC!!! Kudos also to my Alma Mater…GO ATENEO!!! GO USC!!!

  74. Trent says:

    1 – Mercedita L. Ona, Ateneo De Manila University, 83.55
    3 – Yvanna BL Maalat, Ateneo, 82.75
    4 – Jennie C. Aclan, University of San Carlos, 82.10
    7 – Cecille L. Mejia, Ateneo De Manila University, 81.35
    9 – Ruby M. Luy, Ateneo De Davao University, 81.15

    GO USC!!! GO ATENEO!!! Cris nagkatotoo nga sabi ko sa LB ROOM…kita muna results!!! hehehehehe

  75. chief justice says:

    the 2008 bar exam results will be released soon. the examiners are still checking some exam notebooks

  76. claire says:

    hey tagal naman., pls send me d list of names na nakapasa f lalabas na., may inaabangan kc aq eh.,tnx

  77. malmon says:

    tagal naman! goodluck to all future malmon abogados!!!

  78. DANILO BALINO says:

    please email me a result of the phil. bar exam that was taken september of 2008 im waiting for a reslut of the examiner Danilo T Balino

  79. malmon says:

    lumabas na result ng physician licensure exam, mainit init pa!!!

    hudyat un na malapit na lumabas and BAR exam results!!!!!!!!!


  80. James | says:

    @malmon, mukhang malapit na nga ang results ng Sept. 2008 Bar Exam kaya good luck sa lahat ng nag-exam! Will post here the results once they are released.

    Para naman sa mga naghahanap ng list of passers ng 2009 Physician Licensure Exam, eto click niyo lang.

  81. honey says:

    complete list of bar passers pls….

  82. James | says:

    Hi honey, will post the list of bar exam passers and probably a downloadable pdf copy here once the results are out. Right now, wala pa e. Good luck to all bar examinees!

  83. maac says:

    hi! paki update me naman if lumabas na young result. Thank You! me inaabangan po kasi akong kaibigan.

  84. tess says:

    pls email me resul of the 2008 bar exam the soonest it is released. thanks

  85. James | says:

    @maac & tess, to be updated on the release of the 2008 Bar exam results, subscribe to our RSS feed or enter your email address in the field above.

    You can also bookmark this page because we’ll post the results here as soon as they are out.

    Good luck to all!

  86. cristina says:

    went is the result of 2008 bar exam

  87. john says:

    pls email me the results of the 2008 BAR EXAMS..THANKS

  88. veronica cirujales says:

    please email me of the result of the september 2008 bar exams…

  89. camille g. says:

    please send me the results of the 2008 Bar. Thanks!

  90. jayson says:

    hello sana lang makapasa si kuya nic malasig..pag pray nio sya

  91. eva michelle says:

    please email me the result of septmeber 2008 bar exam. Thanks!

  92. ronelie says:

    please e-mail me the result of sept. 2008 bar exam. thanks!

  93. zel gonzales says:

    please e-mail me the result of sept. 2008 bar exam. thanks!

  94. Cheryl says:

    please email me the result. Thanks!

  95. gene magnaye says:

    please email me the result

  96. malmon says:

    tagal naman!!!!!!! sabi march 5, e march 6 na!!!!!!

  97. jen says:

    i rcvd a txt sabi nxt week na…

  98. Myles says:

    please email the result. thanx!

  99. nene says:

    pls. email me the complete result of 2008 bar exams. thanks . . .

  100. Che says:

    i would like to request for the list of the 2008 bar exam passers once you have them. thank you!

  101. Suzette says:

    pls. email me the complete bar exam result of 2008 once released. thanx a lot!

  102. jun abesamis says:

    pls update me once the sept 2008 bar exams has been released. ty

  103. goddebss says:

    2008 bar exam results pls

  104. Dani Manlangit says:

    Pls email of the list of BAR passers.

    Thank you

  105. Mona Lisa Inso says:

    pls email list of bar passers to me too :)
    thanks :)

  106. jing says:

    please email me the results of the bar exam tnx

  107. Bennett Othniel T. Begonia says:

    pls email me the results of the Bar Exam.thx

  108. damaris says:

    please email me the list of passers. thank you.

  109. alex sy says:

    pls e mail me of the results of the bar exams

  110. fonsy says:

    Please email me also the list of bar passers of the 2008 Bar exam. Thank You very much.

  111. nina says:

    send me also list of sept ’08 bar exam passers


  112. Franco says:

    may you please email me the list of bar passers of the 2008 exam?
    thank you very much.

  113. tintin says:

    Pls email me the result of the 2008 bar exams…


  114. Eden says:

    Pls. email me the result of the 2008 law bar exam. . . .

  115. silver says:

    update and list please….

  116. xhak calara says: me the result of sept 2008 bar exam tnx.

  117. NICKY says:


  118. alvin says:

    hi there… pls send me a copy of the complete list of 2008 bar passers. thanks… to all of us waiting for this big day, God bless us all. keep the faith burning!

  119. amy cielou carino says:

    pls email me the result of 2008 bar passers. Thank you!

  120. rey says:

    pls. email me the resultof sept.2008 bar exam result thanks.

  121. carla says:

    please email me once the result is out

  122. ar ar ti says:

    please email the complete list of 2008 bar exam result.tnx s much

  123. aza says:

    email me the the 2008 bar exam results as soon as u have it please. thanks much!

  124. Jackie W says:

    Pls let me know the bar exam result

  125. jen says:

    i was informed by a senior partner of ACCRA law firm that the bar exam result wil be released on mar. 27 as in nxt week na… gudluck to us, barristers… may d Lord grants our prayers..

  126. barops08 says:

    april 2

  127. baristas angel says:

    waiting is excrutiating! kelan kaya talaga ang release? :(

  128. saint says:

    Go! Atty. Cristy C. & Boyboy Amano, soon to be the Chief Legal of DAR this coming April

  129. legal archer says:

    God bless to all La Sallian barristers! Keep the faith…

  130. bestfriend says:

    Good luck to my best friend mickey….i’m looking forward for the result…God bless!

  131. bestfriend says:

    Pls email me the result of the 2008 bar exam once its out. I’m waiting for the result for my bestfriend mickey. Thanx!

  132. joliza says:

    when is the result of september 2008 bar exams passeRs?

  133. Glenn says:


  134. doy llave says:

    To Desiree Ann Sumalinog of University of St. La Salle – Bacolod
    Go dear!!!. Even though you dont mind what the result will be.. Im still here for you.
    I hope you read this one.. Good luck & God bless.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  135. leth says:

    please keep me posted…thanks…

  136. adah says:

    wheew… waiting for the bar result..
    goodluck to all!!!

  137. David says:

    Dude…U SUCK!!BITCH!!

  138. jud says:

    kailan ba talaga ilalabas ang resulta ng sept. 2008 bar exam

  139. peping says:

    pls. email me the result of 2008 BAR EXAM. tnx

  140. johnpeps says:

    pls send us the list of 2008 bar passers. tnx

  141. leo says:

    i hope that my boss will passed the exam. Good luck to all. pls. email me so that i will be the 1st to greet him that u made it and u really deserve this.

  142. gemma says:

    heelo 2 all may kababayan in masbate, i hope that all examiners der will pass tha exam. gudluck.

  143. reynard says:

    can you send me the 2008 bar exam results.thx!!!urgently needed….

  144. vanessa says:

    pls send me the result of the sept.2008 bar exam..tnx! im looking forward on it..

  145. dhan says:

    pls email me also a copy of sept. 2008 bar exam result… gudluck to all barrista and hope we made it all there…

  146. nancibel bustillo says:

    please email me of 2008 bar exam result, thnx!!

  147. dhan says:

    bar exam result when will be? pls give me update on with it… thnx

  148. ramon says:

    pls emai me the bar exam result…tnXX

  149. gabby says:

    advance congrats big bro i know you can make it, pls update me of 2008 bar exam result tnxx. see you soon

  150. juan de la cruz says:

    aguy, ka dugay mo gawas ang results

  151. rikikiw says:

    Congratz katt, we know u can mke it…frm all of us here…(ICO)

  152. joy says:

    can u email me na september 2008 list of bar passers.. pleassseee.. thnx

  153. vito says:

    is there truth to the rumor that the result will be released on friday, april 3?

  154. milenyum says:

    ang hirap maghintay….. kelan po ba talaga ang labas ng result? kung gano kahirap mag exam ganun din pala kahirap maghintay ng results… Good luck and Godbless na lang to everyone! Just keep on praying and keep on believing.

  155. Carmen Wise says:

    please let me know when they will really publish the results.

  156. kenkoy says:

    kelan kaya ang result

  157. tongz says:

    tagal naman.

  158. atty 2007 says:

    Court News Flash April 2009

    Results of 2008 Bar Exams Released On April 3

    Posted: April 1, 2009
    By Annie Rose A. Laborte

    The results of the 2008 Bar examinations will be released by the Supreme Court En Banc this Friday, April 3. The SC Justices will meet at 9 a.m. that day to deliberate on the passing percentage.

    Justice Dante O. Tinga, Chairperson of the 2008 Committee on Bar Examinations, said the list of the names will be displayed in LCD projectors to be strategically displayed at the Supreme Court front yard near its Padre Faura entrance. The results can be viewed simultaneously at, the official website of the High Court.

    Figures from the Office of the Bar Confidant headed by Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confidant Atty. Ma. Cristina B. Layusa showed a total of record 6,364 law graduates from 109 law schools nationwide took and finished the exams held on September 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2008 at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.

    A total of 6,550 law graduates have filed their petitions to take the 2008 Bar exams; a record 6,533 were admitted. The number decreased to still a record 6,364 after 158 examinees absented themselves from the tests during the first Sunday, while others have dropped out even during the four Sunday spread. Only 6,364 were able to finish up to the fourth Sunday of the exams, Atty. Layusa said.

    The Rules of Court provide that “a candidate may be deemed to have passed his examination successfully if he has obtained a general average of 75% in all subjects without falling below 50% in any subject.” In determining the average, subjects in the examinations are given the following relative weights: Political and International Law, 15%; Labor and Social Legislation, 10%; Civil Law, 15%; Taxation, 10%; Mercantile Law, 15%; Criminal Law, 10%; Remedial Law, 20%; and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises, 5%, for a total of 100%.

    The following are the statistics on the Bar exams results for the past eight years:

    Total Number of Examinees
    Total Number of Those Who Passed









  159. milenyum says:

    court newsflash:

    Results of 2008 Bar Exams Released on april 3

    check to this site:

    Godbless everyone!

  160. Pye says:

    now, im started to cross my fingers and pray for the judgment day (April 3, 2009)
    hold on to your prayers guys….

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    pls do update me of the bar result.

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  164. Nur Jaypha R. Bacaraman says:

    hello! please e-mail me the Sept. 2008 Bar passers. May Allah SWT Bless us all! Ameen.

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    pls furnish me a copy of the sept 2008 bar exam results

  166. almira says:

    please do send e the 2008e bar exam result as soon as its available

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    pls furnish me names of passers for the 2008 Bar Examinations. Thanks! I feel excited and nervous although I did not take the exams. Good luck to all examinees!

  168. janice says:

    pls send me the names of passers in my email add..tnx…hope my brother passed …

  169. lench says:

    pls… send me a full list of the passers for the 2008 bar examinations.thanks God bless

  170. Philglimpse says:

    Congratulation for all NEW Layers for 2009!
    Mabuhay ang pilipinas!

  171. apple says:

    please send me the names of passers for the 2008 bar examination. thank you.

  172. soulfulme says:

    I address this message to GOD… There are many souls including me waiting for Your Answer… to grant our dreams to become lawyers or not. Those who passed, they’re blessed and those who did not make it or failed many times :< … what is YOUR PLAN?

  173. says:

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
    God Bless…

  174. jessica delgado says:

    please email me the list of bar passers…thanks

  175. Marben Caesar Delgado says:

    Please send me a list of the 2009 Bar Exam passers on my email. Thank you.

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    tnk u so much!

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    thank you

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    Philippine Bar Exam results and list of passers

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    before 12 noon? if ur publishing an information like this better not to say it… hahahha im out of words to say.. too excited to see the result.. lolz.. good luck to all examinees…

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    please email me the list of bar passers of the 2008 exam?
    thank you very much.

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    1300 lawyers pass 2008 BAR exams

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  192. Karen says:

    please email me the result also…a couple of my friends took it. thanks a bunch! :)

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    My listahan na ng bar exam passers for September 2008. Check nyo ang link

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    thank you for the constant update.

    Salamat pumasa ako ng bar, it is my 3rd try.

  199. Rein Valdez says:

    Congratulations to our new lawyers. :)
    I don’t know how hard the examination was but I salute to all of you.

  200. boybagsik says:

    wow. the exam might be very difficult since my teacher failed to pass, luckly she submitted the final grades before the result. hehex

  201. emma diokno says:

    please send me thru email the list of 2008 bar exam passers. thanks

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    please e-mail me the list of 2001 bar passers. many thanks…

  203. lady says:


    Top 2 MSU-IIT, (Iligan City)


  204. keisha says:

    yeah, ryt! im from msu-iit!!! MSU-IIT po yan to be exact! another top 2? october 2006 cpa board exam top 2 rin c irene te..

  205. yas says:

    congratulations to miss macumbal!!!
    i just want to make a correction however. IIT campus is only an extension of the Mindanao State Univerity Main Campus’ College of Law. IIT does not offer the degree.That explains why, in the list of bar topnotcher,MSU is listed not MSU-IIT

  206. Khristine says:

    Will the bar exam results be released today, March 19? I checked the webiste of the Supreme Court and there is no announcement about it.

  207. emz says:

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    pls email me the 08 bar esam results..tnx!

  209. James | says:

    According to a Philippine Daily Inquirer news report, the bar exam results will be out today, Friday, March 19. Once the Supreme Court has released the results, we’ll immediately post them here. Make sure you book mark this page to ensure that you’ll be able to access the list of passers.

  210. emmie says:

    i sure hope this is not a hoax.. i’ve been monitoring this site and every other site for news since the 15th .. this is driving me crazy and im not even the examinee~! just imagine what an examinee would feel..

    oh please SC stop with this delay~!!!!

  211. joy says:

    thanks everyone please help me to check wether this name Pamela d. Aquino had pas the Bar exam thanks

  212. Erwin says:

    Hello everyone Please help me to check this name Pamela D. Dioquino if she had pass the Bar exam thanks

  213. adam says:

    Friday, March 19 almost over….12 hrs more to go, are we still gonna know the result today? just wondering.. pls people give us the right date!!!

  214. John Rostum T. Vidal says:

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    Some say the results will come out on March 26,2010 (Fri,next week) instead of today.

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    Go! Go! Go!

  223. Jenny Lynn says:

    Has there been a notice from SC as to the exact date of release of the bar exam results?

  224. lynne says:

    i would like to see the list of the 2009 september board passers thank you so much

  225. 2010 Bar Exam Result Top 5 says:

    1.) Dennis J. – 87%
    2.) Willy R. – 86.5%
    3.) Rolando C. – 85%
    4.) Joshua Q. – 84.9%
    5.) Melvin J. – 84%

  226. Sherwin says:

    2010 Bar Exam Topnotcher: Jonathan Ronulo

  227. Mizierah Macarambon says:

    hoping to be informed about 2010 bar exam result. goodluck to my brothers and sisters in BEA.

  228. Paoie Kan says:

    ayan, matatahimik na lahat sa kahihintay..

  229. Mizierah Macarambon says:

    Thank you for the prompt update. May Allah grant the wishes and aspirations of all the barristers and make them all lawyers. Bruh, I am praying for your success and also for the others. To all Muslim aspirants, please be steadfast on your prayers, only ” Allah” grants us the honor, what He wants to give no one can withold and what He witholds no one can give. Have faith in the Qadr of “Allah”. I love you all for the sake of “Allah”.

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    Hehe…. I’m glad you read it bruh….. M quite tense here, sana nga may result na bukas…. I’m really praying for you bruh… I sent you an email. Please give my regards to buknoy and to all the rest. Miss you …. I love you …..

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  240. divne says:

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    1. Im Jayqrt says:

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    2. Irishuel Lei Sustento says:

      11 mos ago n po ung post nya n un!

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    Does anyone here know what are the different parts of the Law Aptitude Exam?

  245. Natty_2010 says:

    kailan ba ninyo e post ang pumasa sa bar exam last september 2010

  246. Anonymous says:

    The September 2010 Bar Examinations was held in all Sundays (5, 12, 19, 26) of September 2010. The results of the said series of examinations are posted here officially released by the Supreme Court.

  247. den2 says:

    few months to go

  248. rebelde says:

    God Bless sa lahat ng nag exam nung sept. 2010

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    andito ung results! congrats!

  250. altemi22 says:

    20.26 passed. 984 passed.

    1. Msmaria2001 says:

      grabe .. i hope we are one of the passers

    2. Paul says:

      Thy will be done. Good luck!

    3. An says:

      out of how _____ only 984 passers….. wow

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    altemi22 saan mo nakuha yang result?

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    gudLuck everyone!!! congratz s Lht ng passers!!. s mga hnd nmn pumasa, don’t lose hope!! kaya yan people!!

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  255. Miuww_09 says:


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  257. Miuww_09 says:

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    oo nga my result na?

  263. James | says:

    Click here to view complete list of bar passers:

    1. ANKLEBREAKER says:

      the result of the 2010 bar exams is so alarming…we better prepare ourselves

  264. gil says:

    Grabe, konti pumasa?

  265. Grenadeblast says:

    Check the Philippine daily inquirer:
    the bar examiner QUIMBO offers his INSULTING advice: “When i read some answers , i was like ‘what did he say?’. Many of those who got a grade below 50 DID NOT KNOW HOW TO WRITE AND SPEAK IN ENGLISH. THEY HAD NO SENSE. The reasons why a high number of examinees are disqualified vary. The MOST COMMON, I THINK, would be the inability of the examinee to express himself in English. Because the law is written in English and because the advocacy needs to be in English language, the examinees must be able to answer questions in English”


  266. yahoo says:

    Well, Quimbo’s only mistake was to include “speak in” in his statement. But overall, what he said was very sensible and very frank in equal parts. And nowhere in his statement says that all who did not pass were bad in English. He said “most”, not “all”.

    (But I can very clearly see why proficiency in English is a touchy subject for Grenadeblast. ;D )

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    ptingin nman ng result 

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    hinde yan result

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    Hey guys… any news on the result last November? 

  272. Lawlie_note says:

    Result of the BAR EXAM last November, 2011 will be post on or before Feb. 14   2012

  273. Humbergirl_15 says:

    we just dont know when… haaaayyyy :(

  274. Najmah says:

    today or feb. 15? grrrrrrr

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    when will really be the release of the 2011 BAR exam result? 

  276. Rtstolentino951 says:

    is the ongoing impeachment trial causing the delay of the bar exam results?

    1. Brenda_yabitgam says:

      i guess…

  277. qwerty says:


    1. Jojo_jammers2004 says:

      gosto ko list lahat para mkita ko.ok.

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    1. Djane_grane says:

      where we can find it?

  281. mariaflor says:

    kailan po ba ma release result ng bar exam. november ‘2011

    1. James | says:

      As per the Supreme Court announcement, the results of the November 2011 bar exam will be released tomorrow, February 28, 2012. Bookmark this page to get immediate updates once the list of passers is posted. 

  282. Ayaw says:

     salamat sa galing!

  283. wndz21 says:

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