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Short Selling in the Philippines to be allowed in 2018?

Short selling of stocks in the Philippines may soon be allowed, according to Ramon Monzon, CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) during an interview with Bloomberg TV. According to Mr. Monzon, short selling of stocks could be implemented as early as the 1st quarter

Short Selling stocks in the PSE (Proposed Rules)

What is “Short Selling”? Short selling is the act of selling a stock that is not owned by the investor, usually with an expectation that its price will drop, ultimately to make a profit if and when the stock price actually declines. An example of how

12 Philippine stocks with price gains of 100%-500% this year

Philippine stocks are currently on a red-hot, winning streak. The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi), the local index composed of 30 publicly-traded companies, is currently booking all-time highs day after day. At today’s closing, the PSEi ended at 8,294.14 points, up +1.39% from yesterday.

The “BW Resources” stock manipulation scandal

Here’s a story of a company whose stock price rose a staggering 18,025% in one year — from P0.80 in October 1998 to P145.00 in October 1999 — and its consequent crash that almost put the Philippine stock market into collapse. Who is Dante Tan and