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Google Adsense earnings down?

Several website owners are reportedly seeing their Google Adsense income declining in the past months. A discussion over at WebmasterWorld got webmasters talking about the phenomenon and what supposedly is causing it.

We are also seeing that decreasing trend here in the site, albeit not consistently from month to month. Our monthly average income now is just barely half of what we earn last year.

In December, income dropped by 30% from the previous month. We don’t know what triggered this but we’re thinking the shrinking of clickable areas in Adsense ads and the PageRank penalty slapped on the site might be the culprit.

Fortunately, Adsense earnings reverted to its normal level in January 2008 but in February, income is back again in the same level as December 2007. Daily earnings during the first days of March this year are increasing but still nowhere close to the pre-December figures.

Why are Adsense earnings on a decline?

No one knows the actual reason but there are several guesses:

1. Google reducing the clickable regions of the Adsense ad units eventually brought fewer ad clicks and thus lesser ad revenue;

2. The recession in the US economy is causing companies to cut back on advertising, particularly online advertising;

3. The ones advertising now are primarily small-time advertisers who bid and pay less for every ad click; and

4. Google’s smart pricing system (that is, the automatic adjustment of the cost of a keyword-targeted content click based on its effectiveness compared to a search click) is causing lower return on content clicks to help protect the value of search clicks.

Whatever the reason is, the decline in Google Adsense earnings does not bode well with most website owners and bloggers.

Is this the same in your case? Is your Google Adsense income also dropping?

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21 thoughts on “Google Adsense earnings down?”

  1. Pinoy Money Talk says:

    last february talagang mahina yung earnings ko.. but at the end of the month and up to now, medyo naka bawi na.. hope tuloy tuloy na to..

    anyway, james, if i upgrade to premier account sa paypal, how much ba normally yung charges if i receive payment? free kasi sa personal account, eh sa premier may fee daw. Tsaka, one more thing, do the fees differ in premier account depending on whether it is a paypal to paypal payment or credit card payment?


    1. pinoy money talk says:

      wag ka na mag upgrade :D it’s a nightmare when you do.. lahat ng transactions mo may charge na :D hehehehe…

  2. Pinoy Money Talk says:

    thanks jehz..any suggestions on my unclaimed balance at paypal?

  3. James | says:

    Yup, lahat nga ng fees na matatanggap mo may bayad na. Kung manggagaling sa US ang bayad, $0.30 + 3.9% of the transaction amount ang fee. Kung sa Pinas manggagaling, $0.30 + 3.4% of the transaction amount.

    Ang maganda diyan, unlimited credit card payments ang pede mong matanggap. So kung marami kang tatanggapin na credit card payments, mas magandang mag-upgrade ka na. Pero kung one-time lang yan tapos tingin mo nde mauulit uli ng maraming beses this year, wag ka muna mag-upgrade.

    Anyway, balik sa topic tayo. Yung iba, sagot kayo: bumababa ba Adsense income niyo these past months?

  4. rjc says:

    mas maliit clickable area, mas konting accidental clicks. but it will be all for the best in the end.. here’s a good read:

  5. Pacquiao vs Marquez Rematch Result says:

    Hindi bumaba yung adsense earnings ko kasi hindi pa naman tumataas…hehe…Zero yung average in the past few days..=S

  6. marhgil says:

    my adsense income is fluctuating. Bumaba by 30% last November, bumalik sa average last December and January, tumaas last month, and this month, the past few days, bumaba yung cost per click nya by as much as 50%, and today, mukhang bumabalik na ulit sa normal.

    Google Adsense has a new post about this revenue fluctuation. Diagnosing and treating revenue fluctuations, but yung part 1 pa lang yung nakapost, which covers entirely the diagnosing part.

  7. j u l i a says:

    sa akin nmn kabaligtaran, mataas ako last month (all time high ko), mas tumataas ung CTR ko ngaun i dunno why?

    ganun yata talaga kapag entertainment blog eh, pero ung iba kong ‘normal’ blogs walang changes.

  8. teamgits says:

    how can i get links from other websites

  9. Dexter | says:

    Sa akin.. Last month maganda na rin kumpara sa ibang buwan.. This month halos na dodoble.. Kung ikukumpara ko sa ibang month na tulad ng days.. Hmm.

  10. YOG says:

    Sakin it increased.. di nmn kasi masyadong mataas traffic ng blog ko… right now I am averaging $1 per day.. not bad for a not well trafficked blog like mine. I am just hoping it will increase. I am doing my best ;D

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