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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Best Civil Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Have you ever dreamt of designing and building skyscrapers and other large infrastructures? If yes, then you might be interested to take a degree in BS Civil Engineering and eventually become a licensed Civil Engineer. Continue reading below to find out the best civil engineering schools

(Nov 2017) SC Philippines BAR EXAM RESULTS: List of Passers

If you took the Bar Exam in November 2017, check below if you passed the Bar and if you’re now officially a lawyer of the Philippines! UPDATE (April 26, 2018): Bar Exam 2017 List of Passers now posted below! Scroll down to view the official results from

Best Schools for Nurses (BS Nursing) in the Philippines

Nurses belong to the largest group of health practitioners in the Philippines. Their primary responsibility is to administer nursing care to patients who need medical help. Specifically, Registered Nurses (RN) are tasked with these responsibilities: Assessment of patient health problems Development and implementation of nursing care

How to Franchise: Baliwag Lechon Manok

Are you craving for lechon manok right now? We all know that one of the well-known lechon manok sellers in the country is Baliwag Lechon. If you want to invest in a lechon manok business, continue reading below to know more about the franchise fee and