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(2016) How to register for BPI Credit Card Promo via SMS/email

Here’s a simplified way to join BPI’s credit card promos. Earn coupons by simply making a one-time registration via SMS or email!

We provide below updated instructions to register for BPI’s Real Thrills promos. More specifically, the number for the SMS registration has changed. Follow the instructions below to join BPI’s credit card promos!

Earn BPI Real Thrills Credit Card Promo coupons 

BPI credit card promosEligible BPI credit cardholders can redeem food items for free upon showing their “Shop Anywhere coupons” which they can earn only after registering their credit card details via SMS or email.

Follow the instructions carefully in order to successfully register your BPI credit card to start earning your Shop Anywhere coupons. Those who have already registered previously need NOT register again to join new promos.

Instructions How to Register for the BPI Credit Card Promo

1. Cardholder may choose to register via SMS and/or email. Registration is only needed ONCE.

2. The only thing required is the BPI Credit Cardholder’s Customer Number (see sample picture below). This is a 16-digit number found in the credit card bill (or statement of account) or in BPI Express Online.


3. To register via SMS, type the following (in ALL CAPS) and send to 4627:

IM REG BPITHRILLS <16-digit Customer Number>

Example: IM REG BPITHRILLS 0201001234567890

* Registration is FREE but prepaid mobile subscribers must have P1.00 maintaining balance to be able to text 4627.

4. To register via email, send an email to with the 16-digit Customer Number in the email subject line.



Subject: 0201001234567890

5. Cardholder will instantly receive an SMS and/or e-mail auto-reply confirming the receipt of registration entry. This, however, is not yet the final confirmation. Actual notification whether the registration was successful or not will be sent via SMS/email within two (2) banking days from registration date. If the registration was unsuccessful, BPI will provide the reason for disapproval.

6. Only the principal cardholder is allowed to register for the promo, but all supplementary cardholders’ transactions will earn Shop Anywhere coupons.

7. Cardholder may choose to register the cellphone number AND e-mail address at the same time or at different times.

8. Cardholder’s mobile number and/or e-mail address used for the registration MUST BE THE SAME as the contact details saved in BPI Express Credit’s system records. If the mobile number and/or e-mail address does not match BPI’s records, cardholder will be required to update his contact information through any of the following channels:

  • BPI Express Phone 89-100
  • BPI Express Online (Account Maintenance > Update Account Information > Credit Card)
  • Any BPI branch

The cardholder can only register after two (2) banking days from the date the contact information was updated.

9. Upon successful registration, the cardholder’s Shop Anywhere coupons will be automatically sent via SMS and/or email for all qualified and posted transactions from principal and supplementary cards.

10. Coupons earned prior to the registration date will be sent on the day the registration was successfully confirmed. Succeeding coupons, meanwhile, will be sent one (1) banking day from transaction posting date.

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