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(2014) Updated List of Mutual Funds in the Philippines

Like what we have explained before, there are various investment options in the Philippines. Most people are already familiar with stocks but for those who do not have the time or the experience to do stock trading, they can opt to invest in pooled funds. With pooled funds, investors rely on professional fund managers to do the trading for them.

Even in the pooled funds category, though, there still are a variety of choices so it would be useful to understand all these investment options.

One pooled funds option is Unit Investment Trust Funds or UITF typically offered by banks in the Philippines.

Another one is Exchange Traded Funds or ETF, which is a pooled investment fund but, like stocks, are traded daily in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Another investment option are Mutual Funds, which are companies that collect funds from the public and use these pooled amounts to invest in different asset classes.

For now, we’d like to give you an updated list of Mutual Fund companies in the Philippines. We’ll also update the list with links that explain in more detail each mutual fund, so bookmark this page to be updated with detailed information about each mutual fund.

Complete List of Mutual Fund Companies in the Philippines — 2014

[box type=”tick”]Stock or Equity Funds[/box]

These are funds wherein majority of the pooled money are invested in stocks traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange. There is one dollar-denominated equity fund whose funds are invested in stocks traded abroad. 

Peso-Denominated Equity Funds

US Dollar-Denominated Equity Funds

  • ATR KimEng AsiaPlus Recovery Fund

[box type=”tick”]Balanced Funds[/box]

These are funds invested in a mixture of stocks and fixed income securities. During periods of bullish stock prices, majority of the funds are placed in equities. In times of economic recession, funds are typically parked in fixed income securities like corporate or government bonds.

Peso-Denominated Balanced Funds

  • ATRKE Philippine Balanced Fund
  • Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund
  • First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund
  • NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils.
  • One Wealthy Nation Fund
  • Optima Balanced Fund
  • PAMI Horizon Fund
  • Philam Fund
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund

US Dollar-Denominated Balanced Funds

  • Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder
  • PAMI Asia Balanced Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund

[box type=”tick”]Bond Funds[/box]

These funds invest primarily in fixed income securities such as government-issued bonds and corporate bonds.

Peso Bond Funds

  • ALFM Peso Bond Fund
  • Cocolife Fixed Income Fund
  • Ekklesia Mutual Fund
  • First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund
  • Grepalife Bond Fund Corporation
  • Philam Bond Fund
  • Philequity Peso Bond Fund
  • Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund

Foreign Currency Bond Funds

  • ALFM Dollar Bond Fund
  • ALFM Euro Bond Fund
  • ATR KimEng Total Return Bond Fund
  • Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund Corp.
  • Grepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp.
  • MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund
  • PAMI Global Bond Fund
  • Philam Dollar Bond Fund
  • Philequity Dollar Income Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund

[box type=”tick”]Money Market Funds[/box]

These investment funds place majority of the pooled amounts in money market instruments or short-term securities that are highly liquid and mature in one year or less, such as Time Deposits, commercial papers, bonds that are close to their maturity dates, etc.

  • ALFM Money Market Fund
  • First Metro Save and Learn Money Market Fund
  • Philam Managed Income Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund

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