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Returns of Philippine Mutual Funds — 1st Quarter 2012

Are bullish times ahead?

Several market watchers seem to have this impression as the first quarter of the year 2012 ended on a high note. The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) closed the quarter up 18.63%, in stark contrast with its negative performance in the same period last year. On March 16, 2012, the PSEi even reached a new all-time high level of 5,145.89 points, signaling a resurgence of interest in local equities.

Equity mutual funds enjoyed good returns last quarter, although only two (2) out of eight (8) funds managed to beat the PSEi’s performance. Balanced mutual funds also performed well, with all funds registering double-digit returns at the end of the quarter. Returns of bond funds, on the other hand, slowed due to inflation concerns and shift in investors’ risk preference.

(For details on how to compute earnings in mutual funds, click here. For a primer on Mutual Funds, click here. For a discussion on the differences between Mutual Funds vs. UITFs, go here.)


As of the 1st Quarter of 2012 (January to March 2012)

EQUITY FUNDS (primarily invested in Peso equity securities)

  1. Philam Strategic Growth Fund – 21.34%
  2. Philippine Stock Index Fund – 18.64%
  3. Philequity Fund – 17.13%
  4. First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund – 16.62%
  5. Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund – 15.76%
  6. ATRKE Equity Opportunity Fund – 15.65%
  7. Philequity PSE Index Fund – 14.44%
  8. United Fund – 6.66%


  • ATR KimEng AsiaPlus Recovery Fund – 7.51%

BALANCED FUNDS (primarily invested in Peso debt and equity securities)

  1. ALFM Growth Fund – 24.13%
  2. Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund – 23.39%
  3. GSIS Mutual Fund – 20.20%
  4. Philam Fund – 19.93%
  5. NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils. – 17.80%
  6. First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund – 16.08%
  7. ATRKE Philippine Balanced Fund – 12.24%
  8. Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund – 12.09%
  9. Optima Balanced Fund – 11.62%


  1. PAMI Asia Balanced Fund 7.98%
  2. Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund 4.06%
  3. Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder 2.91%
  4. Paradigm Global Growth Fund 2.20%

BOND FUNDS (primarily invested in Peso debt securities)

  1. Cocolife Fixed Income Fund – 3.51%
  2. First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund – 2.30%
  3. Ekklesia Mutual Fund – 1.62%
  4. ALFM Peso Bond Fund – 1.32%
  5. Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund – 1.26%
  6. Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund – 0.89%
  7. Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund – 0.84%
  8. Philequity Peso Bond Fund – 0.77%
  9. Philam Bond Fund – 0.55%
  10. Grepalife Fixed Income Fund – 0.25%
  11. Grepalife Bond Fund – (0.45%)


  1. ALFM Euro Bond Fund – 2.80%
  2. Philequity Dollar Income Fund – 2.48%
  3. Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund – 2.34%
  4. ALFM Dollar Bond Fund – 2.31%
  5. Philam Dollar Bond Fund – 2.08%
  6. Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund – 1.42%
  7. ATR KimEng Total Return Bond Fund – 1.24%
  8. PAMI Global Bond Fund – 0.37%
  9. MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund – (0.53%)
  10. MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund – (1.35%)

MONEY MARKET FUNDS (primarily invested in short-term Peso securities)

  1. Philam Managed Income Fund – 0.76%
  2. First Metro Save and Learn Money Market Fund – 0.56%
  3. ALFM Money Market Fund – 0.51%
  4. ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund – 0.19%
  5. Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund – 0.13%

* Figures in (xxx) denote a loss. All data are from the Philippine Investment Fund Association (PIFA).

Disclaimer: Although the rate of return is a good measure of performance, other things such as the fund’s consistency of return and exposure to risks must also be considered. Note that past performance of a fund is not and cannot be a guarantee of future returns.

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  1. Bobit says:

    What a great website! How about UITFs pohz? :)

    1. James | says:

      2012 UITF returns here:

  2. wee says:

    Does this mean in terms of returns Mutual Funds are Better than UITFs (net of all the taxes, fees, etc.)?

    1. James | says:

      Hi wee, based on our own research, the average returns of mutual funds and UITFs are merely comparable, meaning on overage no one really has superiority of returns compared to the other. I think what you can do is simply assess the individual funds then you decide which one to choose based on how comfortable you are in investing in that fund.

  3. Nunjav says:

    Nice informatie site… thanks for the great ideas^^ I’ll be checking this site evry now and then:) By the way, any suggestion if what’s the best Mutual Fund group in terms of stability and  profitability? PhilAm or Sunlife?

    1. James | says:

      Hi Nunjav, we do not endorse any particular company. But for us, both Philam and Sunlife seem to be reputable investment companies. Just research on the individual fund’s prospectus and decide based on their historical performance and expertise of the fund managers. 

  4. Dani says:

    Hi! Just wanted to know where the data above came from? Thanks!

  5. Nteng says:

    Hi James

    How come BPI Odyssey and UITF/Mutual Funds portfolio mix can be accessed online while the other big Phil banks do not post theirs for the investing public’s scrutiny? Who do we run to to compel the others to do as BPI does? SEC? BAP? BSP?

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