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Thanks to PMT’s partners and sponsors in 2011!

We now take time to acknowledge and appreciate our partners and advertisers who supported during the past year. It is our pleasure to be part of your business and we hope to continue partnering with you in 2012.

Our sincere thanks to the following PMT partners and sponsors in 2011!

1. BusinessCoach – provider of business seminars for employees and entrepreneurs

2. BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Loan – franchising loan program of BPI Family Bank

3. – online stock trading website in the Philippines

4. PSE Academy – official market education website of the Philippine Stock Exchange

5. Institute of Strategy and Valuation – delivers education and training programs for business and finance leaders

6. IkoFX – a global forex trading company

7. JobStreet – job portal site for Filipinos

8. Tax Accounting Center – provider of taxation and accounting seminars and workshops

9. Dragon Charts – offers stock scanning and trader education for the Asian markets

10. FiversWorld – marketplace for freelancers

11. Forex Dialogue – online forex trading platform

To your continued success! Cheers!

If you have partnership or advertisement proposals for us, please visit our Advertise page.

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298 thoughts on “Thanks to PMT’s partners and sponsors in 2011!”

  1. Kitz says:

    I emailed but didnt get any reply…. Im looking for Filipino blogs to advertise our ecommerce website

  2. Pinay says:

    You have great sponsors there. keep it up!

  3. Emerson Guleng says:

    Whats makes you a sponsor?

    1. James | says:

      Hi emerszon, sponsors are our advertisers. More details here:

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