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What a bumpy 6-month ride it has been.

The first half of 2013 ended a week ago, closing a turbulent chapter on stock market investing that saw investors in exuberance and euphoria during the first months of the year and in panic and distress in the closing months of the first half of 2013.

Let us reminisce what happened in the last 6 months.

The previous year 2012 saw the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) recording 38 historic all-time highs, capping the year with a 33% return that earned the Philippines a spot in the list of Top 10 Best Performing Stock Markets Worldwide. Coming from this strong performance, the year 2013 opened with greater momentum — sending Philippine stocks to much higher levels, backed by solid economic fundamentals and credit rating upgrades.

The local stock market peaked on May 15, 2013, with the PSE index registering its highest close ever at 7,392.20. It likewise hit that same day an intra-day high of 7,403.65, marking the PSEi’s highest level in its history.

And then, boom! External factors emerged and began affecting the domestic stock market. Fears of QE tapering in the U.S. led to outflows of foreign funds, triggering a domino effect that sent the PSEi into a speedy downward spiral. Year-to-date peak gains of 27% were erased almost instantly and in just a matter of days, the index has lost more than 1,000 points from its highest level in May.

By the time the first half of the year saw its close in end-June, the PSEi still managed to resiliently book an 11% year-to-date return. But in its aftermath, a lot of Filipino investors were left fearful, anxious and confused. Thousands more continue to hold on to their paper losses, with muted optimism for the coming second half of 2013.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Forex, Finance Philippines

Indeed, what a bumpy 6-month ride it has been.

Year-to-date Performance of PSE index (PSEi) Stocks (1st Half 2013)

Here is a summary of the 1st Half 2013 performance of the 30-company PSE index. Majority were still up year-to-date, with only 1/3 of the index in the red.

 Stock CodeCompanyYear to Date Return %Beginning Price (Jan 2, 2013)Last Closing Price (July 5, 2013)
1ACAyala Corp13.78%526598.5
2AEVAboitiz Equity Ventures-5.48%52.950
3AGIAlliance Global47.57%16.8424.85
4ALIAyala Land Inc12.38%26.6529.95
5APAboitiz Power-7.79%37.2534.35
6BDOBDO Banco de Oro19.04%7386.9
7BELBelle Corp6.20%4.845.14
9BPIBPI Bank of the Phil Islands-3.16%9592
10DMCDMCI Holdings-2.19%54.853.6
11EDCEnergy Development Corp-11.27%6.836.06
12FGENFirst Gen-24.32%22.717.18
13GLOGlobe Telecom41.41%1,089.001,540.00
15JFCJollibee Foods41.27%104.2147.2
16JGSJG Summit4.27%39.8541.55
20MPIMetro Pacific Investments13.94%4.595.23
21MWCManila Water-0.47%3231.85
22PCORPetron Corp35.19%10.414.06
23PXPhilex Mining-21.47%1511.78
24RLCRobinson Land Corp3.37%20.7521.45
25SCCSemirara Mining4.34%234.8245
26SMSM Investments23.61%720890
27SMCSan Miguel Corp-11.62%10592.8
28SMPHSM Prime Holdings3.70%16.216.8
30URCUniversal Robina Corp36.98%86117.8

The Top 5 Gainers among PSE index stocks are as follows.

Top 5 PSE index (PSEi) Gainers (1st Half 2013)

 Stock CodeCompanyYear to Date Return %Beginning Price (Jan 2, 2013)Last Closing Price (July 5, 2013)
1AGIAlliance Global47.57%16.8424.85
2GLOGlobe Telecom41.41%1,089.001,540.00
3JFCJollibee Foods41.27%104.20147.20
4URCUniversal Robina Corp36.98%86.00117.80
5PCORPetron Corp35.19%10.4014.06

The Top 5 Decliners, meanwhile, among PSEi stocks are shown below.

Top 5 PSE index (PSEi) Decliners (1st Half 2013)

 Stock CodeCompanyYear to Date Return %Beginning Price (Jan 2, 2013)Last Closing Price (July 5, 2013)
2FGENFirst Gen-24.32%22.7017.18
3PXPhilex Mining-21.47%15.0011.78
4SMCSan Miguel Corp-11.62%105.0092.80
5EDCEnergy Development Corp-11.27%6.836.06

Overall, here is a list of 10 stocks that enjoyed the highest year-to-date increase among all stocks traded on the exchange.

Top 10 Gainers among all PSE stocks  (1st Half 2013)

 Stock CodeCompanyYear to Date Return %Beginning Price (Jan 2, 2013)Last Closing Price (July 5, 2013)
1CLOUDIP Converge106.49%3.397.00
2ARAAraneta Prop82.05%0.781.42
3TATrans-Asia Oil77.44%1.332.36
4TSITouch Solutions75.25%8.0014.02
5H2OCalapan Venture70.49%4.106.99
6LTGLT Group70.27%13.4222.85
7FFIFilipino Fund65.69%10.2617.00
10DNLDNL Industries52.63%4.376.67

Summarized below are 10 stocks with the biggest year-to-date losses.

Top 10 Decliners among all PSE stocks (1st Half 2013)

 Stock CodeCompanyYear to Date Return %Beginning Price (Jan 2, 2013)Last Closing Price (July 5, 2013)
2PXPPhilex Petrol-59.66%29.0511.72
3DIZDizon Copper-58.55%15.206.30
4BCBenguet Corp-53.85%19.509.00
5CSBCitystate Bank-50.98%27.5013.48
6LCBLepanto Mining "B"-49.56%1.130.57
7BCBBenguet Corp B-47.22%18.009.50
8MAManila Mining-46.55%0.060.03
9LCLepanto Consolidated Mining-46.53%1.010.54
10OREOriental Peninsula-45.45%3.301.80

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