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The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (PSE: MBT), commonly known as Metrobank, is the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of assets and is also the largest Philippine bank in terms of overseas presence. (Update: As of 2008, Banco de Oro or BDO has overtaken Metrobank as the largest Filipino bank.)

Metrobank (www.metrobank.com.ph) was established by a group of businessmen on September 5, 1962 at the Wellington Building in Binondo, Manila.

In August 1963, the bank’s first branch was established in Divisoria. Four years later, Metrobank opened its Davao branch, the bank’s first provincial branch.

At the onset of the 70s, Metrobank opened its first international branch in Taipei.The Metrobank Group has a combined network of over 800 local and international branches/offices, remittance offices and subsidiaries worldwide. It has 557 domestic branches and 32 offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Pusan, Guam, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Singapore, Chicago, Hawaii, and Shanghai.

Its subsidiaries and affiliates include:


* First Metro Investment Corporation
* First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation
* First Metro Travelex
* MBTC Technology
* Metrobank Card Corporation
* Orix Metro Leasing and Finance Corporation
* Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation
* Philippine Charter Insurance Corporation
* Philippine Savings Bank
* SMBC Metro Investment Corporation
* Toyota Cubao
* Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation
* Toyota Manila Bay Corporation
* Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Forex, Finance Philippines


* First Metro International Investment Corporation Ltd HK
* MBTC Exchange Service GmbH – Vienna
* MB Remittance Center HK
* Metro Remittance Center SA – Spain
* Metro Remittance (Italia) SpA
* Metro Remittance Singapore Pte Ltd
* Metro Remittance (UK) Limited

Peso Deposit Accounts

  • Passbook Savings Account

An interest-bearing passbook deposit account that earns 1% p.a. There is an option to get a Metrobank Value Mastercard if a P10,000 average daily balance (ADB) is maintained.

  • Checking Account

A non-interest bearing checking account with a P10,000 initial deposit and minimum maintaining balance.

  • Metrobank E.T. Savings Account

An ATM savings account with a P2,000 initial deposit and maintaining balance. Earns 1% interest p.a. if balance is at least P5,000.

  • UNISA (Unique Savings Account)

A passbook savings account that earns higher interest on bigger account balances. Interest rates are based on prevailing market rates. Minimum amount to deposit is P100,000.

  • Time Deposit (TD)

Minimum of P10,000, holding period is at least 30 days. Interest rates, higher than a regular savings account, are based on prevailing market rates.

  • Time Deposit Extra (TD-EXTRA)

A 5-year, tax-free time deposit account where the depositor has an option to choose how frequent the interest rate will be repriced. Minimum deposit is P50,000.

  • Time Deposit Extra Assure Plus (TD-EXTRA Assure Plus)

A 10-year, tax-free time deposit account where interest is paid monthly. A 1% cash gift is offered upon account opening and a separate bonus interest is awardedat maturity. Minimum deposit is P100,000.

  • Easy Tuition Savings Plan

An installment savings account especially designed to meet future educational needs of your children. There are two account opening options: initial deposit of P10,000 followed by 17 succeeding quarterly installments of P3,333; or initial deposit of P3,334 and 19 succeeding quarterly installments of P3,333. Interest paid semi-annually after 6th year and there is no maintaining balance or dormancy fee. A personal accident insurance is also offered for free to those availing of this deposit account.

Foreign Currency Deposit Account

  • MetroDollar Savings Account

A US Dollar savings account that earns interest in dollars too. See below for the balance requirements and fees.

  • Foreign Currency Savings Account (FXCY SA)

A savings account denominated in foreign currencies other than the US dollar.

  • MetroDollar Checking Account

A dollar-denominated checking account earning 0.75%p.a. interest rate. Initial deposit, maintaining balance, and balance needed to earn interest is US$10,000. Withholding tax is 7.5% and cost of checkbook is $10.

  • MetroDollar Time Deposit

A dollar-denominated time deposit.

  • Foreign Currency Time Deposit (FXCY TD)

A time deposit account in various foreign currencies earning interest based on prevailing market rates.

  • US Dollar UNISA (Unique Savings Account)

A dollar passbook account that earns higher interest than a savings account. Minimum deposit is $200,000 and term is up to 29 days.

Balance requirements and fees for Metrobank’s accounts can be accessed at www.metrobank.com.ph.

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    Hola! Metrobank Barcelona Spain branch, sana po i-inform nyo agad customer nyo kapag nagkaproblema sa deposits.. Like sa na experience namin ng mother ko, today lang actually, 560euros umg dineposit namin sa la caixa last sunday, pero sabi ng metrobank barcelona 500euros lang daw finorward ng la caixa sa kanila.. Sana monday pa nila itinawag sa amin na kulang ung finorward ng la caixa, kung hindi pa tumawag mother ko hindi pa namin malalaman, para sana nakapunta kami agad sa la caixa..