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Here’s one funny “scandal” related to the Hayden Kho sex videos: a friend of mine who wanted to buy a pirated DVD copy got duped three times by pirated DVD sellers.

I remember his story after watching ABS-CBN’s show XXX earlier. The show featured the modus operandi of pirated DVD sellers who cash in on the sex videos by selling pirated DVDs that don’t work or don’t have the videos.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Forex, Finance Philippines

My friend bought from Quiapo last week the “DVD collection” of all of Hayden Kho’s 40 sex videos. “It was a bargain at Php100,” he bragged.

He went home excited but ended up disappointed because the DVD wouldn’t play on his laptop. He tried it again on his DVD player but it still didn’t work. He tried it on another laptop but the videos still wouldn’t play.

He returned to the pirated DVD seller the next day and asked for a refund. Instead, the DVD guy offered him another copy. It was a “clear copy” of the sex videos, he was told. I wonder, is the Blu-ray copy coming soon?

When my friend tried it at home, he was delighted to see that the DVD finally worked. His happiness, though, was short-lived. He was duped the second time because although the DVD did contain 40 video files, they were only 4 videos recorded 10 times.

You already know what those 4 files are:

  • (1) Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho dancing to Careless Whisper;
  • (2) Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho sex video;
  • (3) Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho sex video; and
  • (4) Hayden Kho and that Brazilian model‘s sex video.

My friend, like the majority of the Philippine population, had already seen all four on the internet. What he was hoping to see on the “DVD collection” was the rumored Rufa Mae Quinto sex video, or probably even the Vicki Belo sex video.

My friend returned to the DVD guy again and, as expected, the latter won’t give my friend a refund. “Palit na lang sir,” he was told. He was offered a 6-in-1 collection of recently released movies, which include Angels & Demons, Night at the Museum 2 and Terminator Salvation.

And that’s the third time he was duped. You probably know what happened: the DVD did not work.

Lesson of the day: Don’t buy pirated DVDs.

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