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Author Topic: Great and Fun Places in Cebu  (Read 8746 times)

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Great and Fun Places in Cebu
« on: Dec 02, 2007, 01:36 PM »
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  • Hello, everyone, there are so many great places, fun places, great and fun places to visit in Cebu, right?

    This is not a free advertisement for them but for us to know and experience them as well as you share your experiences in these places.

    I will share our experience yesterday in a place I thought would take me a long time to visit again.  My son wanted to eat pizza in Shakey's yesterday lunch.  We were in Ayala and the area where Shakey's used to be is under construction.  So he decided to go to PizzaHut instead.  My eyes rolled up!

    As we were seated on a table, along came "Along" our personalized waiter, who introduced himself and took our orders.  He informed us that our orders will take about 15-17mins to serving.  So I jokingly told Along..."I think you have to keep us entertained for the time being while we hungrily wait for our food.  Maybe you can sing or dance for us?"  hehehe My husband was kinder, he asked for newspapers.  Along asked us to excuse him for he'll see to our orders first and see what he can do so we won't get impatient.  After a few minutes, Along came Along again, brought us our drinks, served us bread sticks with dip, apologized to my husband that they don't have newspaper but instead he handed us a PizzaHut Tic-Tac-Toe game board.  My husband and son were laughing and jeering at each other and had fun playing while the other tables' guests who were also waiting for their orders looked at us with envy.  Some kids from the other table started to come over to our table, too.  

    The game seemed to have shortened our waiting period for our food to be served, as well as the two servings of bread sticks given to us compliment of the house.  Along did a great job, too.  He wasn't just courteous but he is a fantastic waiter.  I have never met anyone like him.

    From the last time we were there which was in July this year, the service improved a lot with Along.  I'm not so sure if the other table got the same impression or fun, but we surely enjoyed our lunch.

    So check out PizzaHut in Ayala and look for Along  :cool2:

    Offline ButanZEr

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #1 on: Jun 08, 2009, 04:56 PM »
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  • I am in Cebu last week and it is really beautiful in that place.,

    Butaun City | alaminos city

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #2 on: Jun 09, 2009, 07:25 AM »
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  • « Last Edit: Jun 09, 2009, 07:26 AM by Langerhans »

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #2 on: Jun 09, 2009, 07:25 AM »
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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #3 on: Jun 11, 2009, 11:35 AM »
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  • I don't have much spare cash right now, so need places that take credit card!

    However as it starting to look like that the PDIC is now starting to finally release payments to those with Php250K Deposits, thos situation should improve in the next few weeks hopefully.

    When it does, are there any PMT Cebu (Visayas) Chapter who would like to meet up for informal chat and discuss how crap the PDIC been with their handling of these Legacy Group claims and the 'damage' Jose C Nograles did with these statements, new procedures and seeming new rules on claims submissions?

    Or better still, just unwind and relax and have a few beers in Ayala Terraces?

    Like Mooons Cafe with the Beer 'Tubes'?

    When you see me announce that I received payment, that's when I can afford to eat/drink out again.

    Offline GIG

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #4 on: Aug 28, 2009, 02:12 PM »
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  • My best place to stroll in cebu is at SM baduy no. Its the best mall for the family. The best place to stay is the Plantation Bay Hotel. Its the best hotel in the philippines. Also try the vistamar resort in Mactan. Its small and quiet if you like those two factors. I own shares of it and I rarely use the resort any buyers hehe!

    Offline superman916

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #5 on: Jan 01, 2010, 04:31 AM »
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  • Fishing is really fun. When I'm in Cebu, my family enjoys going to dPond. Check: dPond Cebu Fishing

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #5 on: Jan 01, 2010, 04:31 AM »
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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #6 on: Jan 01, 2010, 10:49 PM »
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  • nice thread. thanks for sharing  :thankyou:
    What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? - Robert Schuller Don't limit your challenges - challenge your limits.

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    Re: Great and Fun Places in Cebu
    « Reply #6 on: Jan 01, 2010, 10:49 PM »
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