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Author Topic: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.  (Read 43237 times)

Offline yoko

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Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
« Reply #30 on: Feb 08, 2008, 04:02 PM »
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  • @aleckxis, pwede ba coconut oil pagkatapos maglagay ng mayo? wala kaming virgin coconut oil eh... siguro magiging shiny din yung hair pagkatapos no?

    ma try nga bukas....

    Offline Jarlaxle

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #31 on: Feb 08, 2008, 10:07 PM »
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  • Bioderm lang katapat nyan. Basta may sulphur. Sabi ni Carson Kressley  :hihi:

    Offline scout

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #32 on: Feb 08, 2008, 11:43 PM »
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  • umamin nang may balakubak :rofl:

    PMT Forum

    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #32 on: Feb 08, 2008, 11:43 PM »

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    Offline prodlinetrading

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #33 on: Apr 01, 2008, 11:20 AM »
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  • shampoo ka with stieprox (available at mercury) pagtapos mo maligo apply TA scalp solution using cotton buds. natutunaw ng TA scalp solution ang dandruff

    I got rid of it but I had this problem like mga 1 year.  I tried all sorts of anti-dandruff shampoo - Gard, Head and Shoulders and Nizoral kaso bumabalik pa rin.  Sobrang tindi at desperado kong matanggal, pumunta ako ng Reyes Hair-cutters, Nagpascrub at nagpa-hot-oil din ako dun (take note, semi-kalbo ang gupit ko ha).  Nawala nga ang balakubak, puro sugat naman ang anit ko.  After 2 days, bumalik na naman 'yung dandruff - may libre pang sugat.

    Sabi ng nanay ko, hindi daw ako nagbabanlaw ng ulo maigi. Pambihira, binabanlawan ko nga ng limang minuto 'yung ulo ko hanggang "squeeky clean" na wala pa rin.  Bumabalik pa rin 'yung dandruff.

    Nagtanong ako sa doctor sa clinic namin ang sabi Ionamil.  Nde ko binili kase mukhang mamahalin.  Nagdadalawang isip ako kung magpapadermatologist ako, kaso mukhang mas mahal 'yun.

    Meron ding mga alternative solutions 'yung messenger namin.  Kalamansi daw.  Sabi naman ng masahista namin, virgin coconut oil. Sabi naman nung isa pa naming masahista, "Sunsilk Blue," kaso wala na daw binebentang ganun ngayon.  Nung araw, 'yun daw talaga ang pang-tanggal ng dandruff.  Isip ako ng isip, ano 'yung "Sunsilk Blue..." Selsun Blue pala.

    Ewan ko ba, ang dami kong pinagtanungan. Ang daming prescription, mukhang hindi naman effective.

    It's really embarassing.  Kasi, baka isipin ng tao madumi ako sa katawan.

    Until I found a cure...

    Offline cheeseburger

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #34 on: Apr 16, 2008, 05:27 PM »
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  • Clear Shampoo doesn't work  :rant: I'm looking for Selsun Blue gentle at effective kaso bihira na ako makahanap sa drugstores.

    i agree ok ung selsun blue hirap lang hanapin.

    medyo OT: ung doberman ng tito ko before nagkaroon ng galis.....selsun blue lang ung ginamit tapos gumaling na!  :cool2:
    un ung nirecommend ng vet sa kanya.
    pero really sobrang hirap makakita ng shampoo daw na un

    Offline pinoynjusa

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #35 on: Dec 23, 2008, 03:07 PM »
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  • Ako po ay isa sa mga taong dumadanas ng severe dandruff problems. Ito ay nag umpisa sinced Elementary pa ako. When I came to States( East Coast), it gets worst dahil nga sa iba iba ang weather condition. Also e consider ko rin yung kinakain at yung lifestyle sa araw araw. Minsan pag stress ka rin sa work - umaapekto rin.
    Marami na rin akong na research about kung paano ma cure ang dandruff pero mukhang hindi ako naging successfull. Nag try ako from Virgin Oil, Apple cider vinegar, mayonaise, eggs at kung ano ano pa. Pero meron ako ngayon na try na mukhang tumatalab at available lang over the counter. Bago yan - basahin nyo muna ito about dandruff para baka makatulong ito sa inyo.
    Dandruff is the dead skin cells, which develop on the scalp, and cause itching and hair fall. It's a white powder like substance, which is dry or oily and covers the scalp surface of the head. Dry dandruff falls on the shoulders from the head and troubles the skin of the face and back also. People who suffer from dandruff problem are prone to get acne, pimples and boils on the face and back due its fall on these parts.

    It spreads from one person to another if comes in contact so one who suffers from dandruff should keep his towel, hair brush and comb and pillow cover separate from others and they should be cleaned everyday for better hygiene and protection from it. Most of the people face the dandruff problem in their head as its one of the commonest hair problem. At times it takes place in the head due to some vitamin deficiency too as zinc. Using Anti dandruff shampoo is the easiest way to tackle dandruff. If there is no help with them, you should use medicated anti dandruff shampoos as NIZORAL, SCALP, and SELSUN. Follow the instruction written on the shampoo bottle for better results.

    Dandruff causes bad itching on the scalp and looks dirty on the hair. When severe it weakens the roots of the hair because the roots cannot breathe with the coverage of scalp with this so give hot oil massage to your hair with good moving circulations. You can put hot oil (bearable) on the scalp with a cotton dab. Now use your fingertips to give circulating motions to your head. It reduces the dandruff because it increases the blood circulation and prevents hair from the fall. Dandruff can be a cause of premature graying of hair so take it seriously and don't ignore. For better results you can take anti dandruff oil easily available in the market to use on your hair.

    Hormonal imbalance and stress too causes dandruff at times so one should keep a check about them. Seek a professional advice if you are suffering from the hormonal imbalance. Eat healthy food to fulfill the deficiency in your body.

    Excessive usage of chemicals on the hair in forms of hair dyes, hair sprays, gels and creams are harmful for the hair. Even if a little trace of them is left on the hair, they can create problem and even dandruff. So use such things on hair occasionally and wash the hair off after the usage.

    If your hair is oily and then you might have oil traces left on your scalp, which causes dandruff, so wash your hair more often if they are oily for the protection from dandruff. Rubbing lemon peel on the scalp helps a lot when reducing dandruff. You can even add lemon juice to your hair oil, which you are going to massage on your hair.

    Avoid intake of oily food in your diet and cut off the consumption of tea and coffee. Vitamin E, vitamin B- Complex and zinc supplement helps in case of severe dandruff but one should take medical advice before starting consuming these vitamins. They can be taken in natural forms in any way without any harm to the body.

    For home made solutions you can apply henna on the scalp by aiding lots of curd and lemon juice to it. You can even mix some tea water in the mixture when making the paste. Eggs if added to the henna paste and applied on the scalp, helps in reducing the dandruff.

    Soak fenugreek seeds in the water overnight, make a paste of it in the morning and apply it on the hair with curd. Leave this mixture on head for at least half an hour. It helps in getting rid of the dandruff.

    In hot coconut oil, squeeze one lemon juice and two cubes of menthol. Massage it into your hair and scalp, it reduces the dandruff and adds shine to the hair.

    Water of boiled neem leaves too helps in getting rid from the dandruff.

    Always wash your comb, hairbrush and towel with medicated solution in hot water when you have dandruff and never share them with others. Clean your pillow cover everyday, get it changed everyday or put a towel on it to cover it while sleeping. Otherwise you will spread dandruff to all your family members.

    Tea tree oil, rosemary oil and geranium are very helpful in reducing dandruff. You can add few drops of them into your massage oil and apply this mixture on your head; it will reduce your problem of dandruff.

    Always brush your hair properly and tie when they are completely dry. If we tie wet hair, the moister and sweat left inside if doesn't dry can give problems such as lice and dandruff.

    So a little awareness, better prevention and some protection can help you to get rid of the dandruff problem.

    Based on my experienced and experiment - nag try ako ng cider vinegar. I did follow instruction sa website na nakuha ko. Pagkatapos ng shower ko - nakita ko na mukhang malinis ang scalp ko. Pero as soon as natuyo na ang buhok ko at scalp ko , yun, naglalabasan na uli ang mas naging dry pa sya ang nag karoon pa ng mga konting sugat. Nag try na rin ako ng maraming brand ng anti dandruff shampoo. Totoong tumatalab ang minsan ay palitan mo ang shampoo pero sa kinatatagalan pag na immune na ang scalp mo sa mga shampoo - balik uli. Minsan nakaka frustate dahil mukhang wala ng katapusan. Halos research ng research ako sa website at nag papacheck din ako sa dermatologist pero bibigyan ka lang ng shampoo na may may label ng clinic at doctor nila. Meron din mga foam na prescribe sa akin pero temporary relief lang.
    Meron akong nakita sa youtube na yung amber na kulay ng listerine mouthwash ay effective daw. Pang rinse daw yun pero hindi ko pa na try. Isa pa ay yung Vicks Vaporub. Nag try ako 2 days ago at mukhang ok naman. Ang ginawa ko ay minasage ko ang scalp ko ng vicks at hayaan ng mga 1 hr. Masarap ang makiramdam lalo na pag magnagmamasahe sa ulo at malamig pa. Messy nga lang pero after ng 1 hr. syempre maligo ka. Gamitan mo ng Johson Baby Shampoo(mild). Sa una - hindi mo masyado makukuha yung mga residue at konting amoy ng Vicks. Pero Mapapansin mo na malinis ang scalp mo at kahit after hours and hours - hindi na dry ang scalp ko. Mukhang safe pa compare mo sa Vinegar na mahapdi. Sa ngayon - naka 3 days na ako at mukhang effective naman. Sa Saturday - magmamasahe uli ako ng Vicks sa scalp ko. Try nyo.  

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #36 on: Dec 23, 2008, 03:52 PM »
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  • I use Scalpex (Ketoconazole) shampoo for dandruff. Medyo mahal lang sya ng konti.

    Offline enchy05

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #37 on: Dec 23, 2008, 11:40 PM »
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  • nice post pinoynjusa? sa vicks treatment mo gudluck... try ko rin recommend sa sis ko?

    Offline Lambselect

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #38 on: Dec 31, 2008, 05:42 PM »
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  • Clear might be good for dandruff, pero it has methylparabens!  Scary!

    Offline jhay18

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #39 on: Jan 01, 2009, 01:01 PM »
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  • Clear makes your hair loss! Be warned!


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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #40 on: Jan 08, 2009, 12:39 PM »
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  • nizoral 1%
    twice a week... medyo may kamahalan lang.. pero sulit naman..
    starting to use it.. kaya lang 2% ang binigay sakin sa pharma..

    di ko lang alam kung pwedeng makabili ng 2% sa atin ng walang prescription.. :watchuthink:

    Offline ploning

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #41 on: Feb 03, 2009, 03:07 PM »
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  • Offline Adrock

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #42 on: Mar 01, 2009, 05:27 PM »
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  • ako rin po may balakubak hehehe, dami ko ng natry head and shoulder, clear etc shampoo na anti- dandruff wala pa rin, meron na rin ako nizoral yong mild lang, ginagawa ko ito kapag marami na talaga akong balakubak, talaga pilit parin bumabalik...nakakainis dati naman wala ako nito...

    ngayon hinahayaan ko na lang.

    Offline ric_TNT

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #43 on: Mar 01, 2009, 06:42 PM »
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  • Offline Lightwind_99

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #44 on: Mar 01, 2009, 09:25 PM »
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  • dapat check maigi kung ano sanhi ng balakubak kung ito bay fungal infection or dry scalp dahil sa over shampooing.
    huag kayo gagamit ng solo shampoo alone dapat may conditioner kung dry scalp nga ito that lead to flaking. kung may itching yan baka fungal na and use Nizoral.

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    Re: BALAKUBAK! My battle against dandruff.
    « Reply #44 on: Mar 01, 2009, 09:25 PM »
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