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Author Topic: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?  (Read 27917 times)

Offline milo012007

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HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
« on: Jul 09, 2008, 03:29 PM »
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  • I need some info with PRU life UK.  I invested in PRU Life UK's Bond Fund - USD in 2005 and Bond Fund - PHP just last year.  After my PHP bond fund turned 1 year, i was forced to withdraw my investment since i lost more than 25% of the fund but I still left my USD bond fund with them.

    Now, based on the performance of my USD bond fund, it would seem that i am losing 1.3% per week! O am really frustrated because when i talk to their call center (8875433, 8570707, 8848484), they could not answer my questions like where are they investing my money? they said that they are investing in stocks but it's my understanding that only a small % of the fund is invested in stocks. they could not answer where exactly they invest the money.  I dont want to wait 1 year for their delayed yearly report to get my answers!

    It didn't help that my agent left the country and the contact person she gave, another agent, is not reachable most of the time and when i get the chance to talk to her, does not get back to me as per our agreement for the answers to my questions.

    I also got some info on the news yesterday that an investor connected with PRU LIFE Uk is being investigated in connection with the Fertilizer Scam.

    Please help me, do I pull out my USD investment with PRU LIFE UK? It seems that all of the gains that I got last 3 years from my USD bon fund has been wiped out already. I just recently did a top up, can I demand to cancel my top up given the lousy service that they are providing me?  I was surprised that they deducted 15% initial fee from my top up which is very different from the 5% that they advertise.  And again, their call center or agents could not answer me why the deductions amounted to 15%!

    For the seasoned investors, Please help me with your important advise.. =(

    Offline neri_9705

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #1 on: Jul 11, 2008, 01:22 AM »
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  • wow, that is indeed frustrating.  i invested in a stable fund with manulife early this year. hopefully hindi naman mangyari to sa kin.

    Offline raintan

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #2 on: Jul 13, 2008, 01:36 AM »
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  • aside from other companies, i have investments with Pru Life as well. to answer your question, no, i do not think Pru Life is in trouble or much more, closing down anytime soon. BUT, it is inevitable for you to get answers to your questions. you have the right to know where your money is being invested. would you like me to refer you to my agent? maybe she can help you out. she's a manager already so im pretty sure she can answer your questions. if not, sumbong mo saken. joke!

    the market is really not doing well now, the trend is downwards. for me kasi, LONG term investment mga ganyan. if you're going to pull it out in a year or so, lugi ka talaga. leave it for at least 5 years or so... dun lang talaga kikita. the best ay iwan sya ng 10 years or more. again, stress ko lang ulet, long term investment mga ganyan. kaya hindi advisable for people who would need their money in a few years time to put their money in this kind of investment.

    my advise is not to pull out your investments now. kasi for sure, malaki malulugi sayo. im surprised that your agent didn't advise you against it, when you pulled out your bond fund in just a year. sayang naman.

    imagine a kid playing with a yoyo, up down up down ang yoyo... yun lang nakikita natin. pero yung kid pala ay nakasakay sa elevator, so habang up down up down ang yoyo na nakikita natin, unti unti pala tumataas yung bata since nakasakay sya sa elevator. yan ang hindi natin narerealize.

    in investments like these, time horizon talaga pinag uusapan. hope i was able to help!
    « Last Edit: Jul 13, 2008, 01:41 AM by raintan »

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #2 on: Jul 13, 2008, 01:36 AM »

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    Offline nutzloki

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #3 on: Jul 13, 2008, 03:51 AM »
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  • i emailed my agent about your concern. eto answer nya sa baba. i edited yung mga bisaya na words/phrases.

    anyway about your email about his concern whether he will withdraw his
    dollar bond fund, first of all, the usd bond fund of prulife is doing good
    it didnt drop. so he should not withdraw it but if he withdraw it then he
    should be gaining by now, as he said its already 3 yrs. the dollar wla
    mag ubos(hindi bumaba) because it is invested in a government t-bills , meaning its not
    volatile. & about that peso bond fund. i checked our history about the
    fund, it doesnt drop to 25% man. but it did drop a bit but it didnt drop to 25%. anyway, the reason of the drop
    is because of sub-prime that is happening now in u.s. and its not only
    prulife is affected. ALL of the financial instition is affected(manulife,
    sunlife, philam etc,) and even banks is affected. that is why they are
    offering lock-up of 5 yrs time deposit (if you notice it). and the good
    news of this is that prulife u.k drop is not big compare to others.
    and you dont have to be concerned about the drop Jon. i hope i'm able to satisfy your concern.
    lastly about the scam, i will forward to you the message from our head
    about this fertilizer scam, again, not everything published in the net is
    true, isa pa, if ever it is true na that person has invested in prulife,
    then it shouldnt be garnishable( meaning it wont be attached as a asset
    for any cases in the court) so, it is obvious na
    someone is trying to put down the name prulife in the market. i hope i
    answered your concern, but do  email me if you still have concern.

    Offline kiko2007

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    • we define reality. it doesn't define us.
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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #4 on: Jul 14, 2008, 12:31 AM »
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  • my fiance recently invested on pru link uk and ala pa nmn ganyan na nangyayari sa kanya. although down nga ang trend ng market, hindi nmn ganun kalaki ang ibinaba compared sa sinasabi m milo. accomodating din and knowledgable yung agent nya kaya satisfied pa rin sya and im actually planning pa nga 2 invest e.

    IMHO mukang its a case of bad representation/agent. kc mukang mas marami nmn ang positive ang nakukuhang feedback sa services ng pru life e (including my fiance).

    is there anyone else with a good/bad experience w prulife recently?

    maybe u shud take raintan's advice po and contact someone competent enuf from pru life to answer ur queries..
    langgam mentality is the best policy!

    Offline nutzloki

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #5 on: Jul 14, 2008, 12:56 AM »
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  • i completely agree. ask from someone who really know kasi dito sa office namin satisfied naman lahat na me investment sa pru life..and yun nga..ok yung agent namin.

    Offline milo012007

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #6 on: Jul 15, 2008, 01:21 PM »
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  • Offline brandcomm

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    Hi Milo.

    Good day.

    Your concern about our Company, Pru Life UK, which you posted earlier at this site, had reached our attention.

    Please be assured that your interest is of utmost importance to us.

    In view of your concern, we wish to clarify that contrary to notions that our Company is in trouble, we are happy to inform you that Pru Life UK is stable and continues to find innovative ways and products to better meet the discerning requirements of our growing clientele, and you are one of them.

    Although Pru Life UK is among the youngest players in the Philippine life insurance field, it has soared to the top four spot in this competitive industry's recent ranking---a proof that indeed, the Company has been growing consistently at an unprecedented pace in just 12 years of its operations.

    We also take this opportunity to assure you that Pru Life UK is not, in anyway, involved with the investigation on the P728-million fertilizer scam involving Former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante. There is nothing to freeze since the accounts mentioned in earlier reports have long been inactive even before they started the investigation on Mr. Bolante and the people associated to him.

    About your concerns on your investments in our Company and the agent servicing you, we will be glad to facilitate or arrange a meeting with your agent or any of our officers to enlighten you on the performance of your investment. Please feel free to drop an email to our Marketing Vice President, Ms. Belle Tiongco, at and let us know how we can help you.

    Again, we wish to reiterate that your concerns matter to us, and we are glad to be of service to you.


    Pru Life UK

    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #8 on: Jul 31, 2008, 06:00 PM »
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  • Hi Milo,

    Before anything else, that is why it is called investment, because it can go up as well as down. I suggest you find out first what you are getting into before you buy something.

    Furthermore, how much are we talking about? People who have millions and millions are not complaining. Why should you?

    Usually small investors are attracted through greed. And you just got greedy. Investments are for long term. Greedy people think of quick fix. My advice, save in the bank first. If you are ready to invest and make serious money, then go for these types of funds.

    Bottomline, you are still amatuer and dont understand what the game is all about...

    Take your dimes and pennies where it will do you good. Under your pillow...

    Offline freedomfighter

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #9 on: Aug 02, 2008, 11:34 AM »
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  • 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Protect your dreams, NOW!'  contact me at 0922-8803858 and

    Offline 2pac

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #10 on: Nov 29, 2009, 01:49 PM »
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  • Status ng Prulife of UK any agents that you can recommend to me?
    Because I don't know what's going to happen in the future... we have no choice but to do what we feel is right at the moment......

    Offline calvin8online

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #11 on: Nov 29, 2009, 09:08 PM »
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  • to 2pac, may kakilala ako na reliable at magaling na prulife agent.... wats ur contact #

    Offline 2pac

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #12 on: Dec 12, 2009, 11:28 AM »
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  • Thanks Calvin sori sa late reply sobrang busy kc....your inbox is full pala
    Because I don't know what's going to happen in the future... we have no choice but to do what we feel is right at the moment......

    Offline calvin8online

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #13 on: Dec 12, 2009, 10:04 PM »
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  • To 2pac,

    try mo ulit.. :D

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    Re: HELP: Is PRU LIFE UK Philippines in TROUBLE?
    « Reply #13 on: Dec 12, 2009, 10:04 PM »
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