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Back in 2009, we listed down Philippine stock brokers offering then an online trading platform. Times have changed and, four years later, more brokers have started offering online trading, with some attempting to differentiate their service.

We compiled and summarized below the list of current online brokers in the country, together with some basic information about their service. Hope this helps budding stock traders decide the best online broker for them.

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Broker ID: 112

Philippine Online Stock Broker

Units 1401-1403, 14th Floor Tower One & Exchange Plaza
Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Metro Manila 1226

Telephone: (632) 898-7555
Email: customerservice@abcapital.com.ph
Website: www.abcapitalsecurities.com.ph

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Minimum Investment: PHP 50,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through Metrobank

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Broker ID: 102

Philippine Online Stock Broker

2904-A East Tower, PSE Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas,
Pasig City, Metro Manila 1600

Telephone: (632) 667-8931
Email: customerservice@abacus-sec.com
Website: www.abacusonline.com.ph

Minimum Investment: PHP 10,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through Metrobank, BDO, RCBC

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Broker ID: 103

Philippine Online Stock Broker

G/F Unit EC-05B East Tower
Philippine Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila 1605

Telephone: (632) 588-1900
Email: info@philstocks.ph
Website: www.philstocks.ph

Minimum Investment: PHP 5,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through BDO and BPI

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Broker ID: 110

Philippine Online Stock Broker

20/F The Peak
107 L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village
Makati City Metro Manila 1225

Telephone: (632) 848-2915
Email: angping.online@angping.com.ph
Website: www.angpingonline.com

Minimum Investment: PHP 5,000 (for students); PHP 15,000 (for professionals)
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through Metrobank

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Broker ID: 126

Philippine Online Stock Broker

8th Floor, BPI Bldg.
Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas
Makati City, Philippines 1226

Telephone: (632) 89-100
Email: bpitrade@bpi.com.ph
Website: www.bpitrade.com

Minimum Investment: No minimum, but account must be funded to trade
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through BPI

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Broker ID: 203

Philippine Online Stock Broker

2401B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
Exchange Rd. Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Telephone: (632) 651-5888
Email: helpdesk@colfinancial.com
Website: www.colfinancial.com

Minimum Investment: PHP 5,000 (COL Starter); PHP 25,000 (COL Plus); PHP 1 million (COL Premium)
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through BPI, BDO, Metrobank

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Broker ID: 162

Philippine Online Stock Broker

17/F Lepanto Bldg.
8747 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City 1226 Philippines

Telephone: (632) 840-8331 / 923-3955 to 56
Email: info@2tradeasia.com
Website: www.2tradeasia.com

Minimum Investment: PHP 25,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through RCBC and BDO

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Broker ID: 267

Philippine Online Stock Broker

18/F PSBank Center
777 Paseo de Roxas cor. Sedeno St.,
Makati City 1226 Philippines

Telephone: (632) 859-0600 to 02
Email: icustomerservice@firstmetrosec.com.ph
Website: www.firstmetrosec.com.ph

Minimum Investment: PHP 25,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through Metrobank

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Broker ID: 217

Philippine Online Stock Broker

RCBC Securities, Inc.
7/F Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines 0727

Telephone: (632) 889-6931 to 32; 34 to 36
Email: isaloricajr@rcbc.com
Website: http://www.rcbcsec.com

Minimum Investment: PHP 10,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through RCBC

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Broker ID: 269

Philippine Online Stock Broker

2103-A East Tower, PSE Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig City 1600 Philippines

Telephone: (632) 634-5038
Email: office@wealthsec.com
Website: http://www.wealthsec.com

Minimum Investment: PHP 10,000
Broker’s Commission: 0.25%
Account Funding: Through UnionBank, BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, RCBC, Metrobank

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  • MarcVill

    So which one do you think is best for beginners? Which one is the “safest”?

    • http://www.personalfinanceapprentice.com/ Carlos PFA

      Both BPI and COL are safe. What’s best for a beginner may depend on what he’s looking for.

  • Aaron Ramos

    BPI Trade is the way to go if you are an investor and it’s very easy to do fund transfer (withdrawal and deposits) in a matter of hours, it’s credited already.

    If you are a trader citisec online is the way to go.

    • http://www.personalfinanceapprentice.com/ Carlos PFA

      I agree. regardless of being a “trader” or “investor”

      Convenience wise, BPI wins

      In terms of research and site reliability, COL wins

    • disqus_g58zF5MRYr

      can i sign up with both of them?

  • banktaskid@gmail.com

    I sent an email inquiry to ABACUS Securities at customerservice@abacus-sec.com last Dec. 5, 2012 and they never got back to me. I would not recommend them.

  • http://www.jal5aFrUDijal5aFrUDi.com/jal5aFrUDijal5aFrUDi Helga Mccamish

    When I tend not to agree with you, I discover your delivery of one’s impression one that I can in fact obtain pleasurable to listen to.My experiences with science and nature have certainly been different.I seriously admire your imagining.I have to take an opposing view on “vulcanism”, having said that. Being a incredibly untypical lady, I have been instructed I’m extremely reasonable and analytical. And, like the normal girl, I have triggers that make me cry, nonetheless it might make you chortle.I discover myself most pissed off and pushed into tears by people behaving illogically. I ultimately had a boyfriend take a look at me and say, “That’s just it. Men and women don’t make sensation largely. You have to quit anticipating them to, and then you will be significantly less discouraged a lot less generally.”Just considered you can receive a giggle out of me.

  • Joshua Padillon

    do you guys know any available internships on a stock brokerage firm? pls contact me if you know 09424665264 thanks!